Underwear to remain underneath – LPF slams censorship notice to local broadcasters


The Film Censorship Board (LPF) has recently instructed two local broadcasters to stop displaying underwear, regardless of gender, in their home live home shopping segments.

According to LPF, displaying undergarments even without the involvement of models, is indecent and unpleasant, and goes against their guidelines and code of conduct.

LPF, which is under the authority of the Ministry of Home Affairs, stated, “The Ministry is of the view that although the advertisement do not show undergarments worn live by a model and do not involve any indecent visual displays, advertising ‘undergarments’ will still offend the community, especially those related to race, religion, gender, and age.”

“Furthermore, the requirement to preserve manners, decency, and the sensitivities of a multi-ethnic and multi-religious society in Malaysia is of utmost importance,” they added.

“Therefore, this Ministry is of the view that the aforementioned content advertising innerwear is inappropriate to be shown for general viewing, and all broadcasts similar like this should be discontinued immediately”, concluded LPF.

The two live broadcasters were served letters by LPF within a span of 3 weeks, the contents of both letters bearing the same reasons. The first letter was signed by LPF secretary Yusniza Yusuf, and the second letter was signed by LPF chairman Datuk Azizan Ariffin.

The second letter suggested that issue was previously broached by LPF on November 2020.

Upon inquiries to justify their claim on the inappropriateness of such content, LPF explained that all filmed shows or publicity content intended for broadcast and made available for public viewing must first obtain their approval.

Citing regulations within GPPF 2010 under the Film Censorship Act 2002, LPF said its directive to both companies was based on the discharging their responsibility to ensure any form of film, broadcasted message or promotion has to remain ethical and within the set regulations.

“Besides that, seeing as how such shows are broadcasted through television as the medium which can be watched live by the entire household including children, content such as this must also pass specific guidelines for locally produced films meant for TV stations, which is applicable under the LPF.

LPF clarified that the Article 1, Section III in GPPF 2010 states that broadcasts must take into consideration any possible sensitive topics that could influence impressionable viewers.

This comprises of how broadcasters must withhold from offending segments of the community especially on topics that touch on race, religion, gender, or age groups, and must not contain audio or visual representations that go against general decency.

It was also stated by LPF that even though both companies have obtained approval from the home minister to conduct self-censorship, it stressed that this has to be conducted according to rules within GPPF 2010.

CMCF executive director Mediha Mahmood contemplated on the issue saying, “Anything that is legal to be sold and is not subject to any restrictions prohibiting its advertisement may be advertised, as long as the content is not indecent or obscene.”

“Given the fact that the content industry has grown so much in the past few years and with the growth of e-commerce too, we see many platforms carrying advertisements in many creative ways. In the spirit of self-regulation, I believe such items should be able to be advertised as long as it is done within the parameters mentioned,” added Mediha.

It is understood that despite LPF’s claim of the displays being potentially “offensive” to viewers, the CMCF has never received any complaints filed regarding the displays.

Source: Malay Mail

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