Rodeo breaks new ground in OOH

Revitalising the Out-Of-Home (OOH) segment, Rodeo is pulling out all stops to churn out OOH campaigns that are both unique and cutting-edge in their media approach.
Driven by creativity and the need for brands to stay relevant to location, MyRodeo Sdn Bhd has begun tapping into roads for eye-candy opportunities, to everyday commuters.
Chief Executive Officer of MyRodeo, Valens Subramaniam, citing world data, said that an average person spends a minimum of 80 minutes per day on the road without being productive. “So having an eye-candy on the road is the perfect route to get attention for the brand while ensuring maximum exposure,” he added.
Innovating the usage of OOH through On-Car Advertising, Rodeo has made road campaigns an exciting proposition for all the players.

For the Tune Protect Project, Rodeo projects 3D travel luggage on the car roof
“We can now mount 3D props on car roof to represent each campaign. For instance, our Tune Protect project where we wrapped Rodeo cars with advertising and provided 3D ‘Travel Luggage’ on the roof of the car for their travel segment.”
“For their personal accident and motor segment we provided Rodeo car wrap ads while installing 3D fixtures of a ‘Bear’ and ‘Cars’ depicting injuries and accidents on the rooftop.”
Rodeo also has a proposal for private cars to come on board as each driver can then earn a regular monthly income.
In case of advertisers, Rodeo’s innovation allows them to leverage on the campaign dashboard to track and manage their campaigns effectively and efficiently.

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