Ampersand to bring money to Malaysian Football

From left: Sivanathan Krishnan, CEO of Trapper Media Group, Ampersand Sports Chairman Tan Sri Vincent Lee, Football Malaysia LLP (FMLLP) head, Major General Tunku Ismail Sultan Ibrahim after signing the MoU at Johor Baru.

In one of the huge wins for Ampersand Sports Sdn Bhd and a very forward-looking sports initiative of the Football Malaysia Limited Liability Partnership (FMLLP), a deal has been struck between the two, to support the bright future of football as a sport that unites communities and Malaysians.
Under this arrangement, Ampersand Sports will target to collect a minimum of RM 104 million in sponsorships for five years, beginning 2018.
Talking to MARKETING magazine, Sandeep Joseph CEO of Ampersand Advisory, said, “This win is huge and we see the exciting vision that DYAM Mejar Jeneral Tunku Ismail Ibni Sultan Ibrahim, President of Football Association of Malaysia, has for the sport, and we fervently believe in it.”
He called this win a “competitive process” but refused to divulge details.
Ampersand’s mandate is to reach out to advertisers and sponsors by creating new and exciting opportunities for brands to reach the young consumers of domestic football.
Ampersand Sports CEO, Hasnan Hassan added, “Football fans here will respond to brands that reach out to support their game. As close partners of FMLLP, we are confident we can help bring more revenue to the domestic leagues and cups.”
What edge did Ampersand have in bagging this prestigious account we asked Sandeep…
Sandeep shared, “The company’s strengths were just the right fit for this business. The reputation, leadership, experience and passion of the Chairman of our advertising group, Tan Sri Vincent Lee; the sports marketing expertise of Hasnan Hassan; and the strategic marketing and advertising experience of Sivanathan Krishnan, CEO of Trapper Media Group. Last but not the least, the advertising abilities of Naga DDB and the Foetus Group, which will add value to the positioning and marketing of domestic football.”
Hassan commented, “We will be working hard to change the incorrect perception of local football. Malaysian domestic leagues enjoy four times the viewership of English Premier League (EPL) but clients and sponsors don’t realize this. Domestic football today is an open playing field with many opportunities for brands to connect with a hard-to-reach, but vibrant audience.”

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