NIVEA hits the marketing ‘sweet spot’ with Nuffnang Live Commerce

NIVEA is reportedly the world’s largest skin care brand and trusted by millions of people around the world. Here in Malaysia, it also has a huge following among the rakyat from all walks of life.

According to Brand Manager Charis Chan of Beiersdorf (pic), which owns the NIVEA brand, face care, especially, is high on the priority of numerous Malaysians: “When our faces look bright and radiant, we tend to feel more confident about ourselves.”

She shared that NIVEA’s skin products are much sought after: “Changes in weather, temperatures, irregular diet and lifestyle disrupt the natural moisture balance and tend to blemish the face.”

“Our internal studies show that Asians are more susceptible to dark spots formation due to the skin’s melanin levels. When this happens, people tend to feel more self-conscious.”

To address this need, Charis said that the NIVEA Luminous630 Serum and Sun Protect are the ideal products to make people more confident.  The NIVEA Luminous630 Serum contains a patented innovative ingredient and is said to lead to spotless, luminous skin.

Findings by the Journal of Investigative Dermatology indicate that the NIVEA Luminous630 Serum “proved to be the most effective ingredient that can clear 10 years of deep dark spots without harming the skin.”

“Our NIVEA scientists took 11 years of meticulous research and screening of more than 50,000 compounds before discovering the world’s first breakthrough ingredient which we termed ‘Luminous630’,” said Charis.

To expound the virtues of this breakthrough product, the company recently ventured into the growing marketing area of ‘live commerce’ to further reach out to Malaysian consumers.

Live commerce is essentially a service that combines live video streaming with the ability to interact with sellers and to buy immediately, whether that be from selling an actual product during a stream or receiving support from a social community.

The benefits of live commerce, compared to traditional shopping channels and e-commerce, is fast gaining traction throughout the world.

In 2018 alone, live commerce is said to have generated over RMB100 billion (RM60 billion) in transactions on Taobao, Alibaba’s premier C2C ecommerce marketplace in China. For Singles Day 2019, live commerce is said to had generated RMB20 billion2 (RM12 billion).

NIVEA had partnered with Nuffnang Live Commerce to realise this marketing aspiration.

Charis said that live commerce is essentially about “see now, buy now”; and due to the current Covid-19 pandemic, this NIVEA live commerce initiative was a hugely successful one.

The highly successful NIVEA-Nuffnang Live Commerce Campaign

NIVEA had run a total of six live sessions with 11 influencers specialising in the beauty and lifestyle segment to generate sales while sharing on the winning benefits of its products.

This was the first time NIVEA had embarked on live selling/commerce sessions on their Facebook page various influencer pages.

“The 11 influencers are from different customer segments – comprising Chinese, Malay and English markets – who were speaking to a wide range of target audience,” said Charis.

“We cross-posted the live sessions to the influencers’ Facebook pages as well, resulting in a simultaneous live session of up to 3 active pages at any one time,” she added.

From these efforts, NIVEA generated 300,000 views across all Facebook pages, and thousands of engagements across all pages.

Although she couldn’t disclose the actual numbers due to company policies, Charis said that sales exceeded expectations and is appreciative of NIVEA’s partnership with Nuffnang, Malaysia’ leading influencer and content marketing company.

“Influencer marketing over the last few years has really been a booming industry,” said Nuffnang Country Manager Kausern Hieu.

In Malaysia, advertising on social platforms captured almost one-third of total Malaysian digital advertising expenditure, an increase of over 15% from the previous year while most other digital advertising expenditures shrunk.

“Up to 83% of consumers say that they trust recommendations from friends and family over advertising. Influencer marketing is as close as you can get for brands to get recommendations from people close to consumers, while still retaining some creative control over the message and audience,” said Kausern.

“Influencer marketing integrates products and brands into the influencers’ lives that their followers can seek inspiration from. With our latest Live Commerce offering, it moves consumers from awareness to the purchase stage instantaneously as they can immediately purchase the product from the influencer’s live stream.”

“Nuffnang Live Commerce is our ‘secret sauce for brands looking to expand their e-commerce business,” Kausern further said.

“This service integrates the best of what Nuffnang can offer; influencers from our network, our live commerce technology and live video production from RTV, our video marketing arm.” Nuffnang partners with Commerce.Asia, the all in one e-commerce ecosystem enabler to handle the logistics for clients who need it; warehousing, delivery and customer service.

“This allows us to provide our clients direct impact on measuring conversions, and we are pleased to have delivered the results for NIVEA,” explained Kausern. “With live commerce, our clients can generate awareness, engagement and conversion within the same hour the live commerce video is streaming.”

Today, NIVEA is active in over 200 countries, and holds the Number 1 position in many skin care categories around the globe. Nuffnang, meanwhile, is subsidiary of Netccentric Limited, which is listed on the Australian Securities Exchange.

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