Muma transforms a tissue holder into a music amplifier for Vinda Deluxe

When music stirs up your emotion, you can now conveniently reach for some tissue!

In an effort to create hype around Vinda Deluxe’s 12.12 Sale on Lazada, Muma has created a series of limited-edition tissue holders which doubles up as music amplifiers. They come free with every purchase of Vinda Deluxe Facial Tissues Soft Pack.

Made purely out of heavy-duty corrugated fiberboard, the tissue boxes could amplify music from any mobile phone.

“This is definitely a first for Vinda Malaysia. When Muma showed us this idea, we thought that it was quite a novel way to stand out during the 12.12 Lazada Sale when a sea of brands will be competing for attention,” Sales Director of Vinda Malaysia, Pau Ling said.

The Vinda Jukeboxes are designed based on four music genres: Jazz, Rock, Pop and Hip Hop. Design elements from each genre adorns every face of each box. They even come with witty warning labels like: PRODUCT COULD CAUSE INVOLUTARY BODY MOVEMENTS. IF PERSPIRATION DEVELOPS, USE TISSUE.

“Brands with the magic of creativity up their sleeves will be the ones that will rise above,” creative partners Choo Chee Wee and Donevan Chew commented. “It’s wonderful to have a client who is bold enough to take the creative leap with us.”

DESIGNERS: Wai Yi, Wei Xing, Cecilia
CONTENT STUDIOS: Wizard Photography & Graph Studio

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