Surprise: Millennials are likely to advertise on traditional media

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A study on the millennial generation usually provides results that reveal how they will kill specific industries. That isn’t the case for this new survey from The Manifest.

The data from The State of Small Business Advertising in 2019 confirms how millennials are likely to advertise; better yet, they will spend on multiple mediums to get the word out.

Based on a sample of 529 small businesses across the US, 95% of the research want to advertise. According to Les Kollegian, CEO of the Jacob Tyler branding agency, millennials understand about the importance of advertising.

“Millennials are used to instant gratification; that’s how advertising will helps satisfy that need,” said Les Kollegian, CEO of Jacob Tyler, a brand experience agency in California. “We live in a world with constant engagement, and millennials are the forefront of that expectation. Furthermore, advertising helps people find a product they’re looking for quickly,” he said.

For them, it is an imperative to advertise on a variety of media. Of course, this includes traditional platforms. According to the survey, 41% of millennials advertise on TV; this is higher in comparison to data that reveals only 17% of Generation X-ers and 10% of baby-boomers do the same. Of course, the same data suggests that digital advertising efforts are the immediate go-to; to-date 65% of small businesses in the study are looking to social media, while 49% are betting on other digital services.

It goes without saying that small businesses will want to advertise, regardless of the generation category.

Those keen to find out more about the report can do so here.

Text by: Victor Yap

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