MCMC shuts down after Nestle Malaysia complains

In an ongoing story on Nestle’s QR code fiasco, numerous reports emerged recently stating that the QR code printed on Maggi Hot Cup labels did not lead users to Maggi’s official website.

Which Nestle allegedly  stated that they “accidentally printed the Mad Labs Q code on 170,000 tonnes of packages across 38 of their Maggi products.”

Based on an investigation by MARKETING – Another QR code that is also owned by Mad Labs is also printed on at least 6 of the Milo product packaging of an unknown quantity.

Nestle has stated that they have lodged a complaint to the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commision (MCMC) against Mad Labs.

We can now confirm that MCMC has pulled down For all intent and purposes, our research shows that Mad Labs Sdn Bhd has been operating as a tech marketing company since 2013.

From previous reports, Ron Chow, Managing Director of Mad Labs who stated that “Nestle had their hands on the code since 2014.

When Mad Labs first created the code, it was for a trial test run for one of Nestle’s campaigns which would run for six months.

The agreement was that if Nestle was interested, they could come back and set a discussion.

However, there was no response so the project was canned. Fast forward four years, at the end of October 2018, Nestle told me that they have accidentally printed the QR code on 170,000 tonnes of packages across 38 of their products.”

An investigation conducted by MARKETING revealed that a significant number of Milo products were also linked to QR codes that are owned by Mad Labs.

Based on the initial investigation, it was found that at least 6 MILO products using a QR Code linked to the domain is also verified to be owned by Mad Labs.

Will also be shut down by MCMC because the QR codes are also present on the Milo packs?

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