From Maggi to Milo: MARKETING discovers more Mad Labs QR codes on MILO products

December 7, 2018

Numerous reports emerged recently stated that the QR code printed on Maggi Hot Cup labels did not lead users to Maggi’s official website. Instead, it led them to a website with unsafe contents.

Nestle Malaysia has lodged a police report on what it says is an “unlawful attack by a third party” redirecting users who scan the QR code on some of its Maggi products to offensive content online.

Apparently, Nestle has been doing the same thing for MILO too. However, could it be a mistake or simply pure negligence?

An investigation conducted by MARKETING revealed that a significant number of Milo products were also linked to QR codes that is owned by Mad Labs. Based on the initial investigation, it was found that at least 6 MILO products using a QR Code linked to the domain is also verified to be owned by Mad Labs.

Currently, there are allegedly 38 SKUs for Maggi and at least 6 MILO products with QR codes that are owned by Mad Labs. It’s interesting to ponder whether Nestle actually has any agreement with Mad Labs for using their QR codes across so many of their product ranges and categories. Why would Nestle only address the Maggi issue and not the Milo issue?

If according to Nestle’s explanation of Mad Labs having malicious intent, why would the Milo products be spared? If Mad Labs has malicious intent, wouldn’t they have also created havoc on this QR code? It currently lands on a harmless page with the words HELLO on it – which does not look managed at all.

MARKETING reached out to Ron Chow, Managing Director of Mad Labs confirms that is also owned by Mad Labs and confirms the fact that there is no contract between Mad Labs and Nestle for any of the above usage.

Ron reasserts his previous statement “The question at hand now is not really about the technicality of both the QR code. Instead, the legal liabilities that come with operating the QR code which is linked to an estimated 2.6 billion packets of noodles and unknown quantities of Milo products.”


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