LMX Integrates with Xibo’s SSP Connector, Empowering Seamless Access to Advertising Demand

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Locations Media Xchange (LMX), a leading enterprise software provider for Out-of-Home (OOH) media owners, has announced an integration with Xibo’s SSP Connector. This integration empowers Xibo users to access and execute advertising demand directly from the LMX platform.

Xibo’s SSP Connector is an advanced add-on service provided by Xibo Signage, enabling integration with various supported Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH) Supply Side Platforms (SSPs). This integration allows Xibo’s digital signage Content Management System (CMS) users to effectively monetise their existing network through various advertising demand sources.

LMX, the supply-side division of the esteemed Moving Walls Group, specializes in providing tailored enterprise software solutions for OOH media owners to optimize revenues and automate operations. These solutions encompass Revenue Management, Inventory Management, Programmatic Advertising Demand Integration, Audience Measurement, and Dynamic Content Management, among other capabilities.

This integration bridges the gap between Xibo and LMX, enabling Xibo users to effortlessly access advertising demand from the LMX platform. This collaboration streamlines the supply path for advertisers, ensuring greater transparency and efficiency on a global scale.

“With this integration, Xibo users gain direct access to our expansive advertising demand network,” said Srikanth Ramachandran, CEO of the Moving Walls Group. “We are excited to offer this opportunity to Xibo users, allowing them to tap into premium advertising demand effortlessly.”

This partnership signifies a significant step forward in enhancing monetization capabilities for Xibo users while providing advertisers with a direct route to a diverse and comprehensive digital signage network.

“We are delighted to add LMX by Moving Walls as a partner via our SSP connector; representing an exciting opportunity for Xibo networks in the region to unlock the power of programmatic DOOH.” – Dan Garner, Director of Engineering, Xibo Signage.

Locations Media Xchange and Xibo Signage are dedicated to enriching the capabilities and opportunities available to digital signage networks, ensuring that both advertisers and media owners can seamlessly and efficiently connect within the evolving digital out-of-home landscape.

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