LinkedIn ranks Creativity as 2019’s most needed soft skill

January 9, 2019
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The business and employment-related social networking site list ‘Creativity’ as the soft skill that companies need most in 2019.

Business and employment-based social networking site LinkedIn has listed ‘Creativity’ as the soft skill that companies need most in 2019.

According to the site, the top five soft skills that companies are looking for in 2019 are:

While robots are great at optimizing old ideas, organisations most need creative employees who can conceive the solutions of tomorrow.

2. Persuasion
Having a great product, a great platform or a great concept is one thing, but the key is persuading people to buy into it.

3. Collaboration
As projects grow increasingly more complex and global in the age of AI, effective collaboration only grows more important.

4. Adaptability
An adaptable mind is an essential tool for navigating today’s ever-changing world, as yesterday’s solutions won’t solve tomorrow’s problems.

5. Time Management
A timeless skill, mastering time management today will serve you the rest of your career.

People management considered a hard skill

Meanwhile, ‘People Management’ is now considered a hard skill, ranking at no. 4 on LinkedIn’s Hard Skills list:

1.Cloud Computing
As the world rushes toward the cloud, companies are desperately searching for engineers who have the skills to accommodate this demand.

2. Artificial Intelligence
It;s official — the Age of AI is here.

3. Analytical Reasoning
As they collect more data than ever before, companies are hungry for professionals who can make smart decisions based off of it.

4. People Management
The world has changed from a “command-and-control” model toward leaders who can coach and empower, a difficult skillset few professionals possess.

5. UX Design
UX design is the key to making a digital world work for humans.

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