INTI presents The Liar’s Game video in conjunction with Merdeka

To celebrate national day, INTI’s Merdeka video presents a suspenseful dramatic thriller about teamwork, collaboration, unity, and patriotism.

What appears to be a seemingly intense drama in INTI International University & Colleges’ (INTI) 2019 Merdeka video, eventually becomes a valuable lesson on unity, collaboration, teamwork, and patriotism for a classroom of students.

Entitled The Liar’s Game, the dramatic thriller showcases Mr. Joshua, a fictional lecturer first featured in INTI’s Hari Raya video and infamously known for his unconventional teaching methods, introducing his Merdeka gamification assignment to his classroom of students.

The story continues with Mr. Joshua explaining the game’s concept and how the results of the game could potentially signify an immediate “pass” or “fail” grade for the students’ entire semester.

After a series of 13 laboriously challenging rounds, the students eventually succeeded in working together and ensuring everyone received full marks for their semester’s work.

Timothy Johnson, Senior Vice President of Marketing, Products & Partnerships at INTI, shared that INTI’s latest Merdeka video aims to demonstrate the struggles and realities of Malaysia’s founding members prior to independence.

“When we refer to our (Malaysia’s) history books, we see that gaining our country’s independence was a mammoth task. Our founding members had to partake in dozens of negotiations, organise communication strategies, unify different communities, and leverage public support, amongst other responsibilities.

“I believe the characters in our video perfectly exemplify these challenges in their attempt to gain victory for themselves and for the team,” shared Timothy.

“Without a doubt, this would not have been made possible without our collaborator, Kokom, who is a well-known Malay content creator and has a Youtube following of over 300,000 subscribers,” he added.

Timothy further explained that the video also subtly highlights the way INTI exercises teaching and learning.

He shares, “The video highlights two pertinent ways in which INTI teaches – the Blackboard Learning Management System (LMS) and gamification.”

“The Blackboard LMS is an online learning tool that is accessible, interactive and is supported by comprehensive data analytics to support student development throughout a semester, and the Blackboard App highlighted in the video is an accurate representation of how the Blackboard LMS assists students and academicians with their academic performances.

“The Liar’s Game concept was also built on the gamification model that typically involves the application of competition with others or rules of play in learning. Both the Blackboard LMS and the gamification method are two tools we incorporate into INTI’s framework to create a more engaging student experience,” added Timothy.

INTI’s Merdeka video was released on the evening of the 25th of August 2019 and has garnered nearly 200,000 views in a span of three days on both INTI’s official Facebook page and MTAS Productions’ Youtube page.

Timothy also explained that this is INTI’s first attempt at creating content over 60 minutes and he was pleasantly surprised with the responses.

“The results of the video are proof that as long as the content is engaging, audiences are willing to spend the time to watch it regardless of how long it is,” he added.

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