IGD reveals highly receptive retail activities that appear during CNY 2019

IGD Asia has put out a report on how retailers usher in Chinese New Year 2019 with their own campaigns. Their activities, which have been highly receptive with customers, are part of their efforts to boost better sales; especially when it’s well-known that this is the busiest trading period for the year.

For Shirley Zhu, IGD Singapore Director, the festivities at retailers are when they push hard for service promotions and discounts. At the same time, suppliers will also come up with innovative ways to help drive brand awareness and sales.

Among the top activities that retailers, IGD Asia has list six key themes that have emerged during last month’s festivities.

1. Impressive in-store display set-ups 

According to Shirley, retailers and suppliers know Chinese New Year festivities will offer great opportunities for them to boost sales. For this year, brands use big and catchy graphics as part of their showcases, such as:

  • Coca-Cola: Use mythical Chinese dragon motifs to make its festive promotions stand-out in Singapore’s FairPrice Xtra
  • Bia Saigon: Use stacks of beer cartons at the entrance of its Vietnam stores to welcome shoppers
  • Ferrero Rocher: Use the gold foil packaging to create gold-theme displays in select partner stores around Malaysia

Brands also put together festive designs and themes to add in loads of new flair and enhance the shopping experience. Here are some examples:

  • Freshippo: Mainland China stores took on an outdoor market look, letting customers to soak up the festive look and feel
  • Big C Vietnam: Built a display for its Chinese New Year sweets
  • Tesco: Continues the use of the Malaysian expression, ‘Ong Mali’, to get its retail stores into the festivities.
2. Amazing ang-pow designs

Every year, without fail, there will be plenty of ang-pow packets to choose from. It’s become a need-to-do for manufacturers and service providers. According to Shirley, it’s now a must to create thematic packs, especially those that are limited edition. As they often come as a series, featuring positive phrases or festive promotions, customers will want to collect them all.

“This becomes the primary reason they want to buy more,” she said. Here are some brand efforts for consideration:

  • Tea Time: Ang-pow packets that have been available at FamilyMart Taiwan sport the ‘Great Fortune in the pig year’ greeting
  • Carlsberg: Its signature cans for Malaysia come with a seasonal Chinese New Year 2019 message that come in four different designs
  • Kinder Bueno: A limited-edition Chinese lion design is available for its chocolates in Singapore
3. Attractive Festive Offers

Retailers try to stand-out more during this festive period. Some of their efforts include offering exclusive products and giveaways, such as collectibles, redemption gifts, and seasonal prizes. This is especially true for items that are related to pigs as they are highly sought after.

Popular goodies that come to mind:

  • ParknShop: Shoppers in Hong Kong are able to get limited edition Peppa Pig glasses as a tie-in to the upcoming movie
  • Gourmet Market: The Thailand-based super-mart offers its customers the chance to win big-ticket prizes with a minimum spend of THB800
  • 7-Eleven: Hong Kong branches provide carriers with the word ‘prosperity’ for those who buy oranges at the 7-Eleven
4. Health is wealth

Shirley reveals in the IGD study how consumers are now more aware about their health. Hence, they prefer to manage consume food that are in-line with their diets. Some brands have been incorporating that idea for their Chinese New Year hampers. This includes:

  • Marigold: In-store promotions across Singapore highlight its extensive range of reduced sugar drinks
  • F&N: During the festive month, F&N Malaysia put out a multi-pack that features zero-sugar drinks
  • Brands’: The popular Essence of Chicken maker created a Chinese New Year hamper that contains some of its best-selling tonics and supplements
5. Engaging Social Media Games

There is this believe that if one start’s the year well, fortune will soon follow. Retailers grasp this understanding and taps on it through the simple digital games it develops. Of course, there are prizes for winners up for grabs. Here are some examples:

  • Freshippo: All it did is get shoppers and its fans to write down their Chinese New Year wishes on Weibo and see who gets the most likes to win some prizes
  • TrueMoney: The Thailand arm has offered a chance to win some money to users who downloaded the digital wallet
  • Kellogg’s: The cereal brand goes the extra mile as it offers participants two choices. Firstly, the chance for to enter a lucky draw, or, secondly, get redemption offers
6. Giving back to the community

Shirley pointed out, correctly, how not everyone is fortunate enough to celebrate the Lunar New Year. Some retailers have arrangements in place to make it easier for consumers to donate. Some of the critical ones are:

  • Tesco’s: Malaysian shoppers get to buy a pre-packed box that contain everyday items at RM50 and get Tesco’s to send them to charities
  • Giant: Singapore branches have displays alongside staples that remind shoppers not to forget the less-privileged
  • Kee Wah Bakery: It makes a series of cookies with a panda visual on it available for online purchases – all proceeds will go to supporting youths at risk

Text by: Victor Yap 

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