How Influencer Marketing will Rocket your brand!

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Hey, here’s your chance to earn full bragging rights!

Imagine going for an event where all the stars gather, it would be like a selfie-wefie fiesta. 

Rocketfuel Entertainment is now ready to deliver star appeal for brands to propel with celebrity status. 

As they told us, “You could get a serious case of FMO (fear of missing out) if you don’t show up.” 

So to all you media and marketing people out there, this is your shot at updating your celebrity IQ at one go. 

Be hosted by Rocketfuel Entertainment’s Admiral, Moots (picture), who is himself a rock star and has worn multiple hats from radio announcer, digital strategist to becoming the lead vocalist for South East Asia’s most celebrated band Pop Shuvit. 

He adds, “We have already been working together with power influencers on various brand campaigns and collaborating with them to build their digital footprint through content creation.”

You’ll not only feel famous, but will not look like a complete misfit when a someone asks you if you know of pop culture icons like…. 

Aanantha • Aaron Aziz • Arnold • Black Fritilldea • Chaleeda Gilbert • Emely • Hafiz Suip • Harry Kok • Hazama • Hisyam Hamid • Jaa • Jay • Lisa Surihani • Mat Pet • Michelle Lee • Nabil • RD • Ryan Matjeraie• Syamel • Zizan Razak

Under Rocketfuel are some of the nation’s biggest talents including Zizan Razak (2.55 million Twitter followers, 4.3 million Instagram followers), Lisa Surihani (3.78 million Twitter followers, 3 million Instagram followers) and more..


Blast Off:              26 October, 2017 

Countdown:          3.00pm 

Launch Pad:          The Gasket Alley 

Sneak Preview here:

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