Get inspired with ZAYAN this Raya! #IndahDiHati

2 years ago

ZAYAN, Malaysia’s first radio brand for modern Muslims has released a heart-warming documentary this Raya on how a migrant in Malaysia spends his Raya away from his family.

Dokumentari Aidilfitri – Sala Uddin.

Bersempena bulan Ramadan ini kami bawakan sebuah dokumentari pendek tentang pengalaman menyambut Aidilfitri seorang perantau. Raikanlah Aidilfitri bersama keluarga anda dengan penuh kasih & sayang kerana ada orang yang kurang bernasib baik seperti kita. #IndahDihati #MeriahBersama

Posted by Zayan on Selasa, 12 Jun 2018

Currently reaching over 6 million people on social media, ZAYAN’s tagline, #INDAHDIHATI (Pure At Heart), aims to inspire their followers through positive messages in their content.
ZAYAN which was launched in October 2017 by Astro Radio aims to reach out to the new generation of young Muslims, who are constantly connected to the online world. Employing a digital-led approach, ZAYAN has gone beyond on-air engagement by creating inspiring original video content that tugs at the viewers’ heartstrings, spurring them to be more spiritual and to do more good deeds.
With the videos consistently amassing high numbers of views, shares and interactions, Kisah Inspirasi which is a series of inspirational videos, has enabled ZAYAN to establish itself as the exciting new media platform to follow for modern Muslims.