Experts’ Choice Awards Merdeka 2020 top 10 winners: RHB

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RHB’s main idea behind its corporate film for Merdeka 2020 was simple. They listened to the pulse of the nation and knew they had a responsibility to address and highlight difficult yet pertinent issues facing Malaysians. By showcasing these issues, RHB’s film titled “Together We Progress” took viewers through a series of events showing individual Malaysians making the choice to do good and going out of their way to extend kindness to one another.

“It was storytelling at its finest. Topical. Hard-hitting. Real. Exciting. Rewarding. Entertaining,” said Chief Creative Officer of FCB Malaysia, Ong Shi Ping. “It’s always nice to pull something like this off and know that Malaysians took something out of our work.”

The film then culminates with an act of unity, showing Malaysians coming together for the greater good to help reopen the doors that were shut to mark a brand-new beginning.

“This result shows that our fellow Malaysians are always welcoming of bold, new narratives beyond just ‘Muhibbah’ and ‘unity’,”  said Creative Director at FCB, Tjer Wang. It wasn’t easy tackling such a heavy topic that is still fresh on everyone’s lips and minds head-on while respecting the sensitivities of the present time, but the team did a brilliant job because the film obviously struck a right chord with the audience.”

RHB’s ‘Together We Progress’ is among the top 10 Merdeka TVCs chosen by experts. To watch the full list of winners, click here.

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