Announcing the Dragons of Malaysia winners 2019

GOLD DRAGON: Best Integrated Marketing campaign

Entropia Malaysia’s Pepsi Gen for Etika Malaysia

Addressing the recent carbonated soft drinks decline, Pepsi Malaysia celebrated their global role in music with agency Entropia, by releasing 4 limited edition iconic cans spanning 40 years and available only in specific retail channels.

Nostalgia was the theme via a vintage issue newspaper, extending to online sites; radio announcers from the past relived music memories and specially created music was released. Millions of consumers’ expressions were generated. Sales across all channels, massively surpassed targets.

GOLD DRAGON: Best Marketing Discipline campaign

Geometry Malaysia’s Probably the Best Football Beer for Carlsberg Marketing Malaysia (

Carlsberg Malaysia wasn’t a sponsor of the 2018 World Cup, so they became the “official” sponsor of the 2018 fans in a bespoke and exciting manner. After intensive fan research, Geometry Malaysia discovered that Malaysians tended to support Brazil, England, Spain, Portugal, Germany and France. Carlsberg produced cans and bottles uniquely showcasing the flags of these countries. Premiums rewarded multiple purchases, massive numbers of viewing parties and on-premise games as well as football programming reaching over 700,000 consumers. Sales exceeded all forecasts.

GOLD DRAGON: Best Digital campaign

Geometry Malaysia’s Sound of A Nation for CIMB Bank Malaysia

Malaysia comprises a nation of wide ranging ethnicities, cultures and languages, creating a huge challenge for brand messages to cut through. 2018 was a proud year for all Malaysians, who united together to accomplish a peaceful change in government. CIMB Bank decided that Malaysia Day was the perfect occasion to honour this diversity.

Geometry Malaysia created the “Sound of a Nation”, featuring an original musical composition where every musical instrument was sourced from the facial recognition of everyday Malaysians. Results: 5 million views, microsite visits +112% vs previous campaigns and 147,136,799 impressions across digital media media throughout Malaysia. A truly innovative idea the nation proudly called its own.

GOLD DRAGON: Best Innovative Idea/Concept

Leo Burnett Group Malaysia’s Big Mac TikTok Challenge for McDonald’s Malaysia

In the war for brand attention, the challenge for McDonald’s and agency Leo Burnett was to connect McDonald’s Big Mac with Malaysian millennials, and to be interesting in the shortest amount of time, sometimes just seconds.

The new app TikTok, was gathering considerable traction with its 15-second messaging which let users’ imagination run wild. A perfect platform for the #BigMacTikTok Challenge, involving a ‘finger dance’ involving Big Mac ingredients and a Big Mac chant, trendy dance tracks, and prizes for creative entries.

The #BigMacTikTok Challenge generated millions of interactions and a massive sales increase.

GOLD DRAGON: Best Brand Building/Awareness campaign

Naga DDB Tribal’s Jumpstart Malaysia Day ‘Demi Kita’ for Hong Leong Bank

Perceived as a ‘Chinese’ bank, Hong Leong Bank supported the Malay market via their HLB Jumpstart CRM social enterprises Campaign with Agency Naga DDB Tribal, offering financial expertise and promotion for selected social enterprise projects.

The first campaign, ‘Demi Kita’supported Malaysian single mothers to support their families by recycling unwanted denim into beautiful new bags and accessories for sale.

The campaign reached 2.5 million unique audiences in just a few weeks with massive WOM exposure, brand impression scores and excellent sales for Malaysian single mothers.

GOLD DRAGON: Best Business to Business/Trade Marketing campaign

Go Communications’ Malaysia’s Defence Services Asia (DSA) 2018 campaign

Global defence is a booming multi-trillion dollar industry. The Defence Services Asia Exhibition and Conference (DSA), organised by Malaysia’s Ministries of Defence Malaysia and Home Affairs, is Asia’s largest and most highly anticipated defence and security exhibition, generating billions of ringgit in investment opportunities for the country.

Go Communications’ strategy for DSA 2018, included innovative media facilitation and a strong on ground multi-level activation strategy which resulted in DSA’s biggest ever turn out, with over 50,000 attendees from over 56 countries, and over 500 exhibitors across 35 countries.

GOLD DRAGON: Best Event and Experiential Marketing campaign

FCB Group Malaysia e-MYPADANG. Malaysia’s First e-Sports grooming Programme for Beiersdorf

Malaysia NIVEA MEN’s MYPADANG, widely considered as Malaysia’s most effective & successful football sports marketing campaign, tasked FCB Group to create a wider audience, maximising brand reach and engagement. A tie-in with EA Sport’s FIFA, the world’s most beloved football game, moved the playing field from physical to digital. NIVEA MEN’s eMYPADANG could now provide a content rich environment to engage EA players with the NIVEA Brand.

The eMYPADANG Campaign included location based banners and responsive messaging, action videos, gaming tips and tricks, skin care workshops, interactions with top e-gamers that generated unprecedented brand growth and market share.

GOLD DRAGON: Best Brand Loyalty campaign

Orion Social Media’s Marvel Magnefico for 7-Eleven Malaysia

Marvel characters took over 7-Eleven stores in the Marvel Magnefico promotion developed by Orion Social Media to enhance 7-Eleven Malaysia’s presence on social media, its fun and vibrant positioning as well as build store traffic.

For qualifying purchases, customers earned stickers. After they collected 10, they were rewarded with a specially produced Marvel magnet. Fans also posted photos of themselves with their Marvel Magnefico magnets, on their own Facebook wall or Instagram to win special prizes in the ‘Mirror Your Marvel’s social media competition.

The promotion achieved a higher than expected increase in interaction on the 7-Eleven Facebook page, with over 6 million impressions and huge number of clicks on Facebook Ads throughout the campaign period.

GOLD DRAGON: Best Mobile Marketing campaign

Havas Immerse Malaysia’s Friso Gold From Grass to Glass for Dutch Lady Malaysia

Following on from Malaysia’s fake milk formula scandal, premium brand Friso Gold chose to help alleviate mum’s worries in three areas: brand trust, perceived quality, and trials and conversions. Havas Immerse strengthened the Friso ‘imported from Holland’ story, by involving children using the AR format to literally see what Friso Gold Milk brought to their tables: Friso Gold’s ‘From Grass to Glass’ first AR farm.

As mothers panned their mobile phones around a room, children saw animations of Dutch cows and windmills spring to life in their homes. The campaign surpassed the three set objectives and reinforced brand superiority.

GOLD DRAGON: Best Social Media/Word of Mouth campaign

Go Communications’ #My Cups Of Kindness for Starbucks

Starbucks Malaysia briefed GO Communications help launch the new Starbucks Reserve, at the Four Seasons Kuala Lumpur. Objectives were to create awareness, traffic and sales, and to ensure the Starbucks company values of ‘benefiting humanity’ were included.

GO’s ‘#MY Cups of Kindness’ campaign did just that. A-list actress, influencer and entrepreneur Neelofa, became a Barista for a day serving her favourite beverages with personalised messages of kindness on each cup. Starbucks donated a percentage from sales of its Summer Frappucino to a charity of Neelofa’s choice.

Sales for the day were the highest for any Starbucks store in 15 years. The store is now one of the top performing stores nationwide.

GOLD DRAGON: Best Product Launch/Re-launch campaign

Astro Entertainment Malaysia Flavettes Celebrates Women’s Inner Beauty, Outer Glow for Duopharma Marketing

Flavettes, a relatively new player in the Vitamin C Effervescent Tablet category with low awareness vs more established competitors, re-launched Flavettes Effervescent Glow working to a strong awareness and sales objective.

Astro Entertainment introduced the brand via sponsored product placements within their high rating drama, ‘Lafazkan Kalimah Cintamu’. Malaysian women were also encouraged to post their natural beauty selfies on social media in the ‘Flavettes Glowing Star Search’, with the winner appearing in a Flavettes Effervescent Glow TVC. Flavettes Effervescent increased market share by record levels, become the first player to achieve No.1 in volume and value in the Adult Vitamin Category.

GOLD DRAGON: Best Brand Trial/Sales Generation campaign

Dentsu LHS’ Muscle Strength Everyday for Abbott Malaysia

Dentsu LHS Malaysia challenged the norm that physical weakness is linked to old age, by reframing the context of muscles as the source for strength, to launch Ensure Gold, the latest breakthrough nutrition product that enhanced muscle development for daily activities.

The campaign ‘Muscle Math’ was developed to communicate that even the simplest activity requires many muscles. The execution included a media campaign, digital communication, simple in-store demonstrations, and outdoor events. Product awareness, market share and penetration, and conversion to regular consumer sales targets were exceeded.

GOLD DRAGON: Best Use of Public Relations campaign

Merdeka LHS’ Peace Cola for The Coca-Cola Company Malaysia

A day before last year’s historic Summit between the US President and the North Korean Leader, Coca-Cola decided to leverage the event and spread a message of peace, hope and understanding, values central to the Coca-Cola brand.

Specially designed limited edition Coca-Cola cans were released, turning one of the world’s most iconic logos into a symbol of peace. Globally in a week, the campaign generated US$50 million+ earned media, reached 250 million+ people and achieved a record 98% in positive sentiments for the brand.

Finally, due to public demand, 500,000 more cans were produced. The Coca-Cola brand became a symbol of peace.

GOLD DRAGON: Best Cause/Charity/Public Sector campaign

Edelman Malaysia and DL Studio Malaysia Sensory Photography for the Malaysian Association for the Blind

Of Malaysia’s hundreds of thousands of visually impaired, around 360 are employed and some 200 being skilled. The Malaysian Association for the Blind with Edelman and DL Studio developed the Sensory Photography Campaign to empower the visually impaired with an opportunity to explore a vocation they previously had no access to.

The challenge though was that photography relied totally on vision. During workshops with sighted photographers, blind students were taught the basic skills of camera handling. The interaction between teacher and student also created a sense of tolerance, inclusiveness and equality.

The learnings became a formal syllabus on photography for the visually challenged. The lives of seven visually impaired Malaysians were transformed with income earning careers.

GOLD DRAGON: Best Small Budget campaign

Geometry Malaysia’s Burger Kat Mane? (where’s the burger) for Unilever Malaysia

Ramly Burger vendors, a huge part of Malaysia’s famous street food scene and on nearly every street corner for decades, were losing relevance with the entry of global fast food chains.

Lady’s Choice Mayonnaise, a key ingredient in a Ramly Burger, catapulted their loyal local heroes, the brand’s largest users, into the digital age with the ‘Burger Kat Mane ?’ campaign, developed by Geometry Malaysia.

Vendors cart locations and menus were promoted on a central web site and on mobile with real-time tracking. Best vendors were recognised and customers rewarded with product incentives and games. With a very small budget, numbers of registered vendors and customers far exceeded expectations. By harnessing digital power, the Ramly Burger street vendors with the support of Lady’s Choice Mayonnaise proved they are here to stay.

GOLD DRAGON: Best Use of Media campaign

Entropia Malaysia’s Goodday Charge Campaign for Etika Malaysia

Goodday Charge wanted to position milk as trendy and energetic, as well as being a nutritious product. Instead of the conventional approach to target mothers, agency Entropia reached out to teens with a campaign which met their active lifestyle and crossed into a brand new audience frontier.

A multi-channelled #GooddayCharge campaign, symbolising liberation, vitality and freedom was executed across social media and TV with an upbeat interplay of dancers and drummers, representing a new form of energy. To intercept a constant on-the-go audience, massive Goodday packaging came ‘alive’ on the Country’s busiest highways, view by tens of millions, ‘recharging’ 24/7. The campaign achieve massive results in reach, media coverage and sales volumes.

GOLD DRAGON: Best Entertainment campaign

Kingdom Digital Solutions’ ookyo and DanKhoo Epic PUBG Video for Maxis

Malaysia’s first 100% digital telco, ookyo by Maxis, tasked Kingdom Digital Solutions to help increase brand awareness to a wide range of millennials heavily involved with Instagram and Facebook, watching footage on YouTube and playing online games.

Leveraging on the popularity of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds mobile game, a real-life PUBG battle showcasing ookyo as the best network for mobile gaming was launched in partnership with prominent Malaysian YouTuber Dan Khoo, whose YouTube channel has 438+ million subscribers, and 3three gaming influencers who became actors in their own battleground, just like in PUBG. In just one month, the campaign resulted in massive lifts in brand recall and brand consideration, coupled with 5.2+ million views across social media and YouTube.


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