Creative Showcase: Handle with Care – razors for caregiving

2020 so far has been a year of rude awakenings and the current situation surrounding COVID-19 is altering the way we lead our daily life. In Malaysia, today marks the first day of the nationwide 14-day Movement Control Order to curb the spread of the virus.

As we all turn on our computers at home, probably with no pants on, – because if I have to work from home, I get to do it without pants; it’s important for those in the creative industry to get their daily dose of external inspiration. Here’s yours for today:

In 2017, Procter & Gamble (P&G) partnered with Gillette Innovation and Research & Design to introduce a shaver built for assisted shaving. The campaign was titled ‘Handle with Care’.


P&G wanted to impact caregiving in a meaningful and long-lasting way with intuitive and tangible innovation. The idea was simple: Thousands of razors have been designed for inward use on one’s own face. But what would it look like if they redesigned the razor for use on someone else’s face? They’d need to address functional issues, like handle ergonomics, blade economics, and skin prep, as well as personal ones, like dignity, usability, and comfort. All in all, the Handle with Care initiative symbolizes Gillette’s commitment to making sure that all men, no matter their circumstances, can be their best.


Partnering with experts in Gillette Innovation and Research & Design, we engineered a razor for men under care, caregivers, and their specific grooming needs; customizations included: replacing the traditional stick handle with a divot for greater caregiver comfort and control; a cost-effective blade intended for single use to prevent infection; and a handle with built-in lubrication, eliminating the need for messy shaving cream or a difficult move to the sink. To help inform the design, we enlisted caregivers to test the product and share their feedback.

To get products into the hands of those who needed them the most, they initiated targeted outreach to care homes and launched a webpage to allow interested parties to sign up for updates about Gillette’s new assisted shaving solution. The page features a short film of a man caring for his elderly father to highlight the challenges that inspired the Handle with Care initiative.


For P&G, the implementation, design, and manufacturing of a new product is incredibly complex and can require years of development; however, due to the powerful idea behind Handle with Care and the passion it created, the process was accomplished – from concept to in-market launch – in an unprecedented 18 months. The Gillette Treo (as it was called in market), was met with an overwhelmingly positive response from caregivers and the caregiving community around the world, with thousands of requests to try the product. The brand received strong positive feedback that the razor is transformative and significantly helped make the shaving experience easier, more seamless, and more dignified.

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