APPIES Malaysia Campaign Spotlight: Wonda’s Golden Idea


APPIESMalaysia Campaign WondaCoffee( – Following 3 major campaigns after Wonda’s initial launch in 2014, Wonda Coffee was propelled to a very clear number 2 position in the Ready-To-Drink coffee category after Nescafe.

As a new product, maintaining momentum was critical to continue establishing the brand in the market. The brand identified some of the major challenges they faced namely low purchase intention among the Malay segment and the fact that that their competitor Pokka was hot on their heels. Here is what both the brand and its agency Dentsu did to change things around.


Coffee is an important ritual to start off the day for many coffee drinkers and Nescafe had already successfully positioned itself as THE morning beverage.

This challenged was to discover a different insight to open more coffee consumption opportunities. Soon, they realized that having a good start doesn’t necessarily mean smooth sailing for the rest of the day. In fact, ups and downs are bound to happen daily. There is a need for an extra boost to keep our consumers going throughout the day.

Wonda Coffee wasn’t just about starting the day right, it’s a drink for any time or occasion, but especially when energy dips during the day. To grab the attention of the Malay coffee drinkers, their channel strategy was built around Malay vernacular publications. Print played a big role; for 5 consecutive days, they designed a one-of-a-kind execution by incorporating innovative gadgets that demonstrated or inferred the idea of “restart” onto leading Malay vernacular publications:-

1. Wonda Restart Kit featuring a power bank given away for free via the MyTeksi mobile app.

2. An hourglass that could be flipped upside down as a symbol to readers to ‘restart’.

3. Heat-detection film that measures stress levels, urging readers to restart with Wonda Coffee.

4. Buy-1-free-1 Wonda Coffee promo at for readers to restart their day.

5. Optical illusion ad with a hidden Restart message, readable only when sitting back.

As an added push, Wonda sponsored Zahid, an ERA FM announcer and Akademi Fantasia 2 winner in restarting his singing career, as his contract with ERA FM was ending. They even collaborared with Zahid on a new single ‘Aku Sudah Biasa’.


• Brand awareness reached an all time high with Malays at 83%. Trials increased to 56%. A spike of 22% in total sales across Malaysia, widening the gap between the market’s No.3 brand, Pokka. Nescafe was down to its record-low in convenient store sales, recording a -3% negative growth while our campaign contributed to209% growth compared to annual monthly sales during non-promo periods.
• The brand achieved a 3-fold increase, making Wonda THE category growth engine for convenient stores. Sales grew by 244% in MyNews stores which was the highest sales ever since launch. This made Wonda the No.1 RTD coffee in MyNews, surpassing Nescafe by 13%.
• “Aku Sudah Biasa” accumulated a total of up to 830,000 YouTube views of the music video, with a high recall rate of 90% recall of the single and 70% recall of the program.
• The Restart Selfie Contest generated 434,000 unique impressions and a click-through rate of 0.11%, with 375 submissions. The Wonda Restart Kit delivery received 1,227,205 requests, resulting in giveaway of 5,000 sets. O
• Organic growth on social media gained 73,000 social media impressions.
• A media ROI of RM780,000 on print and radio was generated.

Interested to find out more, check our Malaysian Gold APPIES winner’s case study below:

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