APPIES 2020 winner showcase: Do good with Boost this Ramadan

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GOLD Winner in AdTech/MarTech category

SILVER Winner in Consumer & Business Services category

BRONZE Winner in E-Commerce category

Campaign: Do Good with Boost this Ramadan

Brand: Boost 

ADA Asia Malaysia

Norshiha Tahir, Account Director

Joanne Mah, Senior Account Manager

Mahira Dahlan, Account Manager

Axiata Digital Ecode SDN. BHD

Salihah Noh, Head of Digital Marketing

Presenter: Joanne Mah, Senior Account Manager, ADA Asia Malaysia

As Malaysia’s first homegrown e-wallet, Boost’s aim was to encourage Malaysians to get high on the spirit of giving. This gave birth to the #DoGoodWithBoost campaign executed by ADA Asia Malaysia. According to the agency, in order to execute a campaign that successfully convinced Boost e-wallet users to donate during Ramadan, they had to figure out the challenges that prevented people from donating in the first place. 

What they found was, while accessibility was undeniably a contributing factor, fraud was the biggest concern among users. After realising this, a Charity function was incorporated within the Boost app itself allowing users to donate through a fraud-free platform, with the click of a button. 

Through the campaign, Boost’s business objectives were achieved – drive frequency of usage from existing Boost users and acquire a new user base. 

Below are more specific details on the campaign and the results it achieved, based on the campaign submission we received:


#1 Active users – We created a 30-day challenge for them to perform and get rewarded every day.

#2 Regular users – those who use Boost as a payment channel.

#3 Mosque goers – We used Xact (our proprietary telco-powered DMP) to map out all the device IDs of Muslims who frequented neighbourhood mosques and targeted them with a message to donate by just scanning a QR code at the mosque donation box.

We utilised multiple digital platforms including in-app ads and key influencers to create awareness and get people to #DoGoodWithBoost this Ramadan over a period of 2 months.

We launched the campaign with digital videos showing Muslims a simpler and easier way they could donate to the less fortunate just by clicking a button on the Boost app. Social content featured more ways people could do transactions like paying bills, buying groceries, top-up their mobile phone, and the option to donate their cashback to the charity of their choice.

We also engaged key influencers to help talk about the campaign and spread the message to their fan base, encouraging more people to participate. Boost in-app featured 30 different content everyday for 30 days of Ramadan, serving as a reminder to do good everyday.


The campaign ran from May-June 2019 and was a huge success!

  • Media reached over 4 mil users vs 3 mil planned reach.
  • A total of 28,348 Boost users participated, donating a total of RM183,176.
  • Boost became the first brand that helped Muslims to donate easily to mosques via QR Code, fulfilling a special niche in the holy month of Ramadan. 
  • Achieved a total of RM225 mil in GTV over the 2 month period, where 20% was contributed by the donation campaign, making this a 97% growth vs 2018!
  • Acquired 571K total new app downloads.
  • Boost not only helped solved a real problem like fraud, the brand also encouraged thousands of Muslim users to #DoGoodwithBoost this Ramadan by downloading the donation app and choosing to donate their cashback to charities of their choice, helping the less fortunate to have a better Raya celebration!

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