APPIES 2018 Winning Campaign: KFC’s Made for the Bold wins Gold

Naga DDB Tribal double downs with KFC for winning campaign

KFC was facing a huge challenge – with new burger innovations constantly dominating Malaysian headlines, how does one make a comeback and especially with a product that wasn’t new to the consumers taste buds?
Rolling out the Double Down

The Made For The Bold campaign was introduced. The campaign was launched with a bold statement, “It takes guts to try the KFC Zinger Double Down.”
Firstly, the campaign introduced advertisements with catchy slogans like “if you’re scared of your girlfriend, then this is not for you” and radio ads. Next, KFC celebrated the brave acts of Zinger Double Down men and women.
Thirdly, the outlandish nature of Zinger Double Down was reinforced, the concept of all meat and no bun. Conversations on social media were also used to stir up acts of boldness that netizens believed deserved a KFC Zinger Double Down.
The Made For The Bold campaign was a resounding success. The campaign exceeded expectations by achieving 7 times the projected growth target. By week 4, the KFC Zinger Double Down was sold out, way earlier than expected.
KFC Zinger Double Down drove sales up by a whopping 148%, double the success of the previous launch. Plus, KFC also managed to hit a total of 5.4 million customer transactions during the campaign period, 7 times the projected growth target!

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