PRUBSN Anugerah – Sentiasa Disisimu scores gold at APPIES!

APPIES Malaysia 2018 was the biggest APPIES Malaysia Marketing Festival held so far. Held on April 16 and 17, the two whole days was filled with live presentations and rigorous judging by an impressive panel of experienced judges. The experience was peppered by some amazing keynote speakers over both days. As is the practice every year, only 10 Gold, 6 Silver and 1 Best Presenter trophies were given out. A total of 44 marketing campaigns were presented.

Prudential BSN Takaful Berhad (PruBSN) along with Dreamteam Worldwide Sdn Bhd and MasterMind Group Sdn Bhd won Gold for their campaign PruBSN Anugerah – Sentiasa Disisimu.
Presenting the campaign and its unique mechanics were PruBSN’s Siti Hajar Rizlan, Director, Brand and Communications, Marketing and Chief Marketing Officer, Wan Saifulrizal Wan Ismail.
So what were the challenges originally faced by PruBSN? In early 2016, it was discovered many Malaysians were underinsured. Even Victor Kho, president of the National Association of Malaysian Life Insurance Fieldforce and Advisers (Namlifa) stated that life insurance was not a priority for most Malaysians.
A survey done in the beginning showed dismal results that there were only 36.5% Insurance/Takaful holders in Malaysia. Statistics from Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) revealed that the awareness level towards insurance/takaful protection among Malaysians were still at a low level, with an untapped potential market of 46%.
Throughout the start of the campaign, it was discovered Malaysians who were not covered by such takaful/insurance protection often give the excuse of not being able to pay the monthly premium.
This despite that there are currently a total of 16 insurance providers and 15 takaful operators in the market, constantly offering various insurance/takaful products/solutions that can match their needs and financial constraint.
Hence, PruBSN rolled out PruBSN Anugerah to support Bank Negara Malaysia’s efforts to increase the population of Malaysians being protected by insurance/takaful.
The BIG idea
With the challenges patted down, PruBSN had tailored the campaign strategy to evolve around the virality of Malay dramas, particularly the concept of love stories which catered to the taste of many Malaysians. The product placement, PruBSN Anugerah was then injected subtlety. The plan rolled out for PruBSN was to focus on Malaysians without any form of Insurance coverage / Takaful protection. The segments of targeted customers were studied and the targeted Malaysians were carefully selected.
Hence, the Integrated Communication Plan covered 360 Degree of Above The Line (ATL) and Below The Line (BTL) platforms.
Example of Above The Line Platforms are TVCs, interview sessions done through the television medium, cinemas, Out Of Home (OOH) advertising, print Ads, radio ads, digital ads, and generic postings through PruBSN’s official Facebook page. The Below The Line channels used in the PruBSN Anugerah campaign were brochures, flyers, buntings, posters, WhatsApp banners and information posted on PruBSN’s official website.
Thanks to an effective campaign, subscription for PruBSN Anugerah recorded at 9,000 with a total ACI of RM15 million within three months which was equivalent to a whole year worth of subscription for products of the same nature in 2016
On top of that, PruBSN Anugerah agents are now getting calls from the market regarding this plan when compared to before the campaign, where agents had to hunt for customers.
It was then observed that competitors were considering offering more competitive products in the market for medical protection.

TV Commercial
PruBSN Anugerah – Sentiasa Disisimu
Prudential BSN Takaful Berhad
Mastermind Group Sdn. Bhd.
Prudential BSN Takaful Berhad (PruBSN)
Siti Hajar Rizlan, Director, Brand and Communications, Marketing
Wan Saifulrizal Wan Ismail, Chief Marketing Officer

Nothing is more memorable than the many firsts we experience in our lives. Be it the first job interview, first salary, first car and even the first love, the list will keep on growing. However, it is sad to know that the first insurance/Takaful will never be in the list. For whatever reason, it is difficult for insurance/Takaful to be considered as a necessity, which resulted to more than 60% of Malaysians living unsecured.

Therefore, with PruBSN Anugerah – Sentiasa Disisimu, it will become the first choice of Takaful for Malaysians searching for affordable, customisable and simple protection solutions.

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