An act of true love this CNY

Prepare to shed tears in Leo Burnett’s Chinese New Year ad for AIA 
Leo Burnett’s Chinese New Year 2018 commercial for AIA will have you in tears in less than four minutes.
The film tells the tale of an elderly father doing his best in getting his children together for an unexpected reunion on the eve of Chinese New Year. Everything seems normal enough till the plot twist gently tugs at one’s tear ducts. The plot shows one man’s act of true love for his wife.
Curious? Watch the advertisement below:

“We wanted to tell a simple story,” said Iska Hashim, Group Creative Director of Leo Burnett.
Indeed, copywriter Pia Dhaliwal’s script navigated the twist of the story with deftness, drawing on the real-life experiences of art director Lee Shyyi as well as Account Director Cheng Ie-Tsen. “I think Pia and Shyyi developed a wonderful story that will resonate emotionally with many,” adds Hashim.
It was this truth in the storytelling that appealed to AIA.
“We were deeply moved by the richness of the narrative when it was first presented to us. There are so many truths in this seemingly simple yet heartwarming story of a man and his wife – the joy of having those you love by your side, and being there for them no matter what,” explains Eric Chang, Chief Marketing Officer of AIA Bhd.
Director Maurice Noone, of production house Think Tank, found an endearing married couple to play the roles of the elderly husband and wife.
“All the wedding and family photos you see of the couple in the film are their actual photos,” said Eric.
“By focusing on details like that, Maurice ensured the kind of depth and authenticity in the storytelling that stays true to our brand. He has definitely brought it home for AIA,” added Eric.