unleashes MarTech Platform powered by Nielsen Analytics to Empower ASEAN SME Sector.

Prepare to recalibrate your expectations. is setting the stage to utterly disrupt the media buying landscape with its revolutionary MarTech platform, launched on October 31, 2023. More than a digital marketplace, heralds a new era in advertising, equipping brands with razor-sharp insights powered by Nielsen analytics and unparalleled ease of transaction. is not just user-friendly; it is a seismic shift in how media transactions occur, putting control back in the hands of advertisers. Designed to make media buying seamless and efficient, advertisers can now purchase media space at their fingertips using a range of payment options, including credit cards and online transfers.

This game-changing platform is set to redefine the advertising industry by simplifying the media buying process.

Powered by Nielsen’s Consumer & Media View (CMV), the platform with Media Analytics Recommendations—known as MARS (Media Analytics Recommendations)— is akin to having a personal expert who will guide your media buying through the data wilderness of opportunities and pitfalls.

Utilizing Nielsen’s Consumer & Media View (CMV), harnesses the power of granular consumer insights, enabling you to dig deep into the media consumption habits of your target audience. was developed to empower Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) with actionable insights that, in today’s data-driven world, are prerequisites. Now, this treasure trove, usually only available to large corporations, is just a click away.

Imagine a world where every SME has the freedom to tailor their investments to their specific needs, plan their multi-country media purchases, and make informed decisions—all at their fingertips and without exorbitant costs.

This is the promise of

Strengthened by the resolve of Prime Minister YAB Dato’ Seri Anwar Bin Ibrahim and the Malaysian government to equip and boost the trajectory of the local SME sector—which contributes to no less than 40% of the GDP— will democratize access to actionable data for SMEs. This will enable them not just to be relevant and survive, but to be competitive and thrive.

Aaron Rigby, Managing Director, Agency & Advertisers, Nielsen Media Asia declared, “In the evolving landscape of data-centred brand transactions, we firmly believe that the integration of consumer insights and research-backed data will be instrumental in empowering advertisers to make informed marketing and advertising decisions to grow their business.

Data is key to making this happen and our collaboration with Adwork signifies a strategic progression in this direction.”

Helming this ambitious venture is the visionary CEO of Reddoor Asia and Chairman of Trapper Media Group, Sivanathan Krishnan who revealed, “It tested the limits of technological capabilities and resolve, as we were braving through an uncharted path.

But the team together with the entire Trapper Media Group have worked tirelessly to ensure that it is not just the perfect MarTech platform for advertisers to buy media space, but a paradigm shift. The data that our partners, Nielsen bring to the table will crucially help advertisers make informed unbiased marketing decisions.

We unveiled it in Malaysia, but will be unleashed to advertisers in the ASEAN region soon”.

From Search, Display, Programmatic Display, Programmatic Video, Social Ads, Out-of-Home (OOH), Radio, Newspaper, TV, and many others, arms you with a comprehensive arsenal. serves the entire spectrum of media owners on a single platform. It is supported by media owners, as it provides them with the flexibility to allocate resources more strategically.

With a conservative goal of attracting a mere 0.8% of the SME market in Malaysia, or about 10,000 businesses, within the first phase, is positioned to be a long-term enabler for the growth of this sector. It has a progressive plan of evolution to fulfil the future needs of its users.

This proudly Malaysian platform holds the promise of becoming an invaluable asset in the ASEAN region too, where almost 99% of local businesses are SMEs. Media buying as we know it will change forever from October 31st, 2023, when was released to Malaysian businesses.

With the fusion of Nielsen’s expertise,’s ever-expanding asset inventory, and user-centric approach, a paradigm shift is indeed at hand.

You are not invited to observe; you are invited to be part of this revolution in media buying.

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