A sparkle, a smile, make up the SAFI ad

Contract Communications Sdn. Bhd., a subsidiary of J. Walter Thompson Malaysia has developed fun new creative television commercials for SAFI toothpaste and client Wipro Unza.
The campaign’s humorous ‘moral’ care angle is in deliberate contrast to traditional ‘oral’ care advertising prevalent among bigger toothpaste brands.
Commenting on the new campaign, Sriram Krishnamurthy, Chief Executive, Wipro Unza (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd, said, “SAFI may be a smaller brand in the toothpaste category, but it has a heritage and home-grown appeal that connects with the Malay Muslim consumers.”
The idea was to stand out in a category which has big players. Further, humour always manages to draw attention. “We wanted a campaign that people could identify with in a humorous way, and we think this creative work from Contract Communications definitely brings a smile,” said Sriram.
The 3 TVC’s, which have just started airing on-line and on TV, feature different scenarios in which characters’ tempers are tested to the limit. As their anger builds toward a verbal tirade, a giant SAFI toothbrush appears from nowhere to clean their teeth. Immediately their mood is refreshed, their patience and teeth both stronger for the experience.

Sriram shared, “Malays prefer cleaning with natural ingredients, and so we have Miswak, Sea Cucumber & Herbal Orange in the 3 variants, coupled with Habbatus Sauda which symbolizes ‘Selamat dan Suci’ (Safe & Pure) and stays true to the brand’s tagline.”
Giving the agency’s perspective, J Walter Thompson Group Malaysia’s Managing Director, Saurabh Saksena, said, “Knowing we couldn’t outspend the major toothpaste competitors, we had to play smart using the key insight that consumers see very little brand differentiation in this category.”
“Hence, using the key benefit of Habbatus Sauda, we came up with this campaign riding on humour to make it more relatable to this audience group. With all major players taking the similar scientific tone in their advertising, we felt that some lightheartedness would prove a breath of fresh air.”
Voiceover Translation:
Closing line translation:
Dirty cat: “It’s ok. Go wash off the cat’s paw okay.”
Naughty kids: “If you want, just tell me.”
Coffee mug: “Next time, be careful okay honey.”

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