5 Unique Ways These Everyday Malaysian Women Inspire on TikTok!

To celebrate International Women’s Day and the everyday women in our lives, here are five unique ways Malaysian women have been shining on TikTok!

1.Delivering Favourite Malaysian Recipes to your screen

Have you ever found yourself browsing TikTok looking for inspiration for your next meal? Well, now you can do exactly that with @Chishikuzan88, or better known as Cik SnowWhite! Cik SnowWhite shows us how she makes her family’s favorite mouthwatering meals on TikTok itself. From simple snacks to elaborate dishes, she’s done it all. Check out some of her gastronomical creations.

2.Encouraging You to have a fit and healthy lifestyle

If you think the gym is reserved only for “abang sado” beefcakes, think again! @LinoraLow and @Joyceline0301 are two super fit women whose fitness routines would put most everyday joes to shame!

These two fitness enthusiasts share helpful workout videos that’ll encourage you to reach your #fitness2020 goals! Best part is, some of these workout routines can be done right in the comfort of your home, with your
family and friends. So what are you waiting for, bust out your TikTok app and get into shape with Linora and Joyceline.

3. Creating and capturing irreplaceable moments with your loved ones

If you think moms do nothing but spend hours browsing social media during their free time, think again! These two moms are breaking the norm by capturing their favorite moments with their children and maintaining digital scrapbooks of their favorite family memories, holidays, and activities! Supermoms @Grapyemi and @Lennice_Moden create wholesome content with their children that tug at your heart strings and will make
you go “Awwww!” They do all these on TOP of having their regular day jobs. Talk about real-life superheroes!

4. Bringing Valuable Life Lessons to an Increasingly Indifferent Society

One of the best ways to share valuable life lessons to your community is to lead by example. This is exactly what @Ms.Aien has been doing on TikTok – spreading awareness on the importance of being kind to everyone she meets. Her videos depict many scenarios but have one common theme: “A caring person will bring happiness to the people around them”. In an increasingly indifferent society, her heartwarming videos inspire us to be better versions of ourselves through even the smallest acts of kindness.

5. Spreading joy and laughter in everyday life

@michelletai_oe is an entrepreneur that creates comedic content on the side, featuring her entertaining friends as regular cast members. Some of Michelle’s videos incorporate both advice and comedy, all in one! Her videos are made for all Malaysians to enjoy, with her and her friends speaking mostly in Bahasa Malaysia.

Michelle is truly a Malaysian content creator, looking to spread joy in the smallest things! In conjunction with International Women’s Day, TikTok wants to take the time to celebrate all women, regardless of background and culture. The Malaysian women above are just a few of the everyday superheroes that can be found on TikTok, where they thrive on a safe, positive and vibrant community to share the things they love the most, and are passionate about.

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