teams up with UiTm for poetry contest

2 months ago

In the spirit of Raya,, Malaysia’s Largest Marketplace, recently collaborated with students of Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM) to revive the tradition of the pantun, a traditional Malay poetic form of expression, during the festive season.

The online marketplace had partnered with the Advertising Faculty of UiTM to run a #PantunRayaMudah Contest, where 20 students were selected to battle it out for a grand prize of RM400.

Each contestant was required to share their ‘best Raya experience’ using the pantun 4-kerat format and post their pantun presentation on their respective social media profiles.

The contest was incorporated as part of the faculty’s in-class syllabus assignment for the semester, where students were credited for their submissions.

The partnership is part of’s efforts to actively engage the youth through various on-going campaigns. The contest aimed to revive lost art and traditions within the younger generation and encourage them to continue inspiring and be inspired by their local heritage.

The online marketplace chose to partner with the Faculty of Advertising particularly to cultivate creative thinking, a crucial skill for succeeding in the advertising industry.

“The idea of organising a pantun contest came up when we were discussing a way to celebrate the Raya season while engaging the youth in a meaningful manner. We chose to promote a traditional artform as a way to retain and revive our cultural identity.

“Hopefully, the younger generation will be inspired to utilise these experiences to create impactful work in the creative industry after completing college,” said Andrew Pinto, Head of Marketing,

Muhammad Harith Dannial bin Zaharin, a 22-year-old student from the Faculty, was named winner of the contest after securing the judges’ favour for his “Pantun Pertamaku”.

According to Muhammad Harith, his pantun 4-kerat was inspired by memories of spending Raya in his hometown, where his late grandparents would tend to homemade rendang in the kitchen.

The contest consisted of one round of professional judging by a panel of UiTM lecturers, followed by public voting of the contestants’ videos on’s Facebook page.

For more information on the contest, users can refer to’s page here:



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