YouTube has come between me and God.

YouTube has done what no one on the planet has ever succeeded in doing.

They have the power to shut out God and deliver you advertising while you wait to connect with the Almighty.

As I was listening to my evening prayers over YouTube with my eyes closed last week, for the first time I was abruptly cut mid-way through a verse by the chirpy sounds of a distant land.

I thought I had gone celestial for a while, before I realized I was listening to an infant milk commercial.

I was pulled back to earth in a flash! 

I opened my eyes and skipped the commercial on my remote accepting the rude interruption as something God sent: another life lesson in patience and forgiveness.

I continued my prayers in peace, learning there is a power greater  than God.

Then about five minutes later another miracle took place.

It was a mid-roll ad for a shopping mall promotion. Not believing I was fortunate enough to be blessed twice in one day, I decided to watch the commercial instead, which went on for more than 3 divine minutes… 

By which time, I knew I had to embrace YouTube on my journey to self-actualisation whether I liked it or not. I’d also like to think that Astro and Media Prima does not disrupt our lives in this manner.

In industry-speak, this life altering phenomenon is called programmatic.

It’s when we leave our destinies to the machines and algorithms of YouTube – think of it as surrendering yourself to the power of the universe.

Therein lies the true path to enlightenment. Thank you YouTube for a blessed weekend.

During the pandemic, brands use programmatic more frequently to reach consumers who are spending more time inside and online. In the US, 68% of digital media advertising is now programmatic, full report here.

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