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( – Last year, a special award was created to honour and encourage young members of the industry with a Young Kancil Award. Teams were asked to assemble at a certain area, given a briefing and had just 24 hours in which to undertake their challenge.

The inaugural winners were:


Olivia Ariferiani (Art Director)
Abiseshana Mohan (Copywriter)
Carmen Cheong (Planner)

Marketing Magazine spoke to these three bright and chirpy trio and discovered that they were given all the encouragement by their bosses. Copywriter, Abiseshana Mohan was like spokesperson for the lot and it was obvious that we will hear this name again in the future.

Olivia who hails from Indonesia was the quiet one, taking it all it. While Carmen was selective in her replies.

They said that a whole day was spent in just taking about the subject. Their brief was Hotlink, a prepaid service from Maxis. Constant innovation has made it a market leader.

The team also discovered that 45% of prepaid subscribers are between the ages of 15-24.

They seek out Internet content with a hunger and desire and seek the experiences there in. These are those who just cannot live without the Internet.

Abiseshana Mohan (left), Olivia Afieferiani (middle) and Carmen Cheong

This Young Kancil Award has spurred them on, and now they are unashamedly seeking the Kancil Award in their own right are full fledged members of the industry.

The Award has certainly given the trio the impetus to go out and achieve a lot more.

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