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(marketingmagazine.com.my) – The Out- of-Home (OOH) industry is one that is constantly being reinvented and playing a key role in its reinvention in Malaysia is Big Tree Outdoor (BTO).

At the heart of BTO’s campaigns and product innovations is a tireless emphasis on research and development (R&D).

To BTO’s Chief Executive Officer Jeff Cheah, the company was willing to invest in its people, giving them international exposure to better understand the availability and usage of latest technology.

“We regularly send our staff to international exhibitions and other venues overseas to suss out the latest technology in use in their outdoor campaigns.

Just recently, we have been to Germany, Dubai and Hong Kong, as well as to Bangkok and Beijing for exhibitions. The exposure to the latest advancement in outdoor is crucial for BTO for us to maintain our leadership position,” said Jeff.

The company, fresh off its recent contract renewal to manage the advertising concessions of LRT lines and KL Monorail for Prasarana Malaysia, has been winning a number of new clients in the past few years. These wins have pushed them to innovate and come up with new ways of presenting their client’s messages.

“The advent of digital technology has certainly pushed the limits of our creativity and opened up new possibilities previously unavailable in traditional formats,” shared Jeff.

Digital was the way forward according to Jeff, sharing that consumers were now moving towards digital as it provided better opportunities for user interaction.

“With digital technology, expectations are a lot higher. Clients would expect us to come up with better ways of presenting their messages.

The creative thought process that goes into each campaign is a lot more comprehensive and is always dependent on the type of technology we have,” he added.

Constantly striving to innovate more in the digital space, last year was a significant milestone for the company as it launched its Cubiq series situated at Jalan Bangsar and Imbi, two popular locations among urban professionals. The Cubiq series features an interactive LED screen with the capacity to execute synchronised multi-screen connectivity.

It also launched two units of first of its kind digital towers at KL Sentral in September 2015. The deployment helped to bring a whole new environment and feel to Stesen Sentral.

Innovation for BTO does not only stop at its products, creating buzz-worthy campaigns was also important.

Last year, in executing its ‘Wonda Coffee 5 Senses campaign’ the company launched an OOH campaign for the brand evoking the sense of sight, sound, smell, touch and taste to better entice Malaysian consumers to try Wonda Coffee.

Wonda coffee LRT Campaign

“In addition to the smell campaign which was well executed within the LRT trains, another important aspect was the giant billboard, erected along the PLUS highway from south into Kuala Lumpur, sporting a moving message with a moving can of WONDA Kopi Tarik that goes up and down mimicking the “tarik” action Malaysians are so familiar with,” Jeff shared.

WONDA Ad Highways

Another campaign innovation by BTO was for Telekom Malaysia (TM)’s Makers of Tomorrow Mural, the first interactive mural broadcasted digitally. It called for a medium that would effectively target youths, through a visual dialogue physically, and digitally on a wider range.

With that in mind, a ‘limitless’ 175-feet long mural spanning the length of the Masjid Jamek LRT station was created. The station was identified as the most ideal Out-of- Home media for maximum coverage, since it is the busiest interchange station with over 35,000 commuters passing through it daily on average.

The mural had also been broadcasted online with a #ForTheMakersOfTomorrow to institutionalise a digital buzz nationwide. QR codes were also embedded to allow interaction and smaller murals were also created at high-traffic sites to generate hype at different touch points.

Digitally, the mural was also strategically supported via content seeding and the “The All New Unifi; For The Makers Of Tomorrow, Everyone Connects” contest. Brand awareness has been further enhanced by key opinion leaders and social networks.

TM Campaign

Looking into the future, Jeff shared that the industry was definitely moving towards ‘digital interactivity and connectedness’ between the advertisers and the target audience.

“We are seeing a lot more campaigns similar to the TM Unifi campaign we did earlier which would spur engagements and enable two-way interaction involving a direct call to action by the advertiser and a form of response from the target audience utilising their mobile phones.”

He added that advertisers were empowered with their new approach as it allowed them to ‘creatively and effectively communicate to their customers’.

However, going beyond creativity, to Jeff, his clients were not only happy because their campaign looked good but because it translated back into results.

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