Who should attend the CMO Roundtables?

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MARKETING magazine Malaysia has launched a breakthrough learning package for our industry using the digital platform. The concept brings Malaysian Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs) who will share their learnings plus an interactive rapid-fire Q&A format, over an hour-long CMO Roundtable session. 

These CMO Roundtable sessions are designed for peer knowledge transfer and capacity up-skilling using the vantage point and experiences of the CMOs themselves.

But most importantly, this is an opportunity to feel inspired by listening individuals who will not only assure you that you are not alone your experience during this period but also share tested strategies. If you’re wondering whether or not you should attend the CMO Roundtables, let us help you decide. The answer is yes, you should, if you are:

A Brand Manager

Calling all brand managers! If there’s one set of webinars you make time for, it should be this. No where else will you find the opportunity to pick the brains of CMOs from some of Malaysia’s top brands and companies. Think you’re too experienced and can’t learn anything more? Our speakers see you — they aren’t going to be reiterating the same general problems that exist. Instead, they will be providing real-life solutions. Get their insights and guide your team toward better ways to plan marketing campaigns.

Social Media manager/executive/intern

Do you tweet, post, share and boost for a living? Handling social media accounts has become an even more crucial role during this MCO period. For most brands, it is the only platform for their messaging to reach their target audience. Our first session of CMO Roundtable will be discussing conversational marketing specifically – language you should use when speaking to your customers virtually.

A Marketing individual

Head of Marketing, Marketing executives, marketing interns, marketing consultants — this one’s for you. Regardless of what level you are in your marketing career, these intimate, informal discussions is an opportunity for you to learn without bursting the pocket.

An SME owner

Are you an SME owner? First off, we want you to know that you’re not alone. SMEs are extremely affected by the current situation and our speakers are coming into this session aware of this. If you are an SME owner, this is your chance to get your questions answered by professionals. Our interactive Q&A session is the chunk of our webinar, giving you the chance and time to ask any questions you might have, as specific as needed.

Feeling stuck on “how to do business

Like said before, you are not alone and you definitely shouldn’t have to solve this on your own. Join the CMO Roundtable sessions to feel inspired and learn ways to sustain your business during this partial lockdown.

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