Wendy’s Opens Restaurant In Metaverse, Serving Burgers Over A Virtual Counter

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Hi. Are there any dragons to slay here? Sir, this is a Wendy’s.

The feisty fast-food redhead has announced a new branch with Meta in the metaverse, the latest of a string of companies to transition into the virtual realm. Beginning April, the Wendyverse will serve as a gathering space for fans to socialize, order zero-calorie, zero-flavor Baconators and Frosties, and more.

The Wendyverse, which will expand over several phases, will start out with the ‘Wendyverse Town Square Central’, which mirrors Wendy’s restaurants from the real world, as well as a basketball court called the ‘Wendyverse Partnership Plaza’.

The plots of virtual land are located in Meta’s Horizon Worlds and can be accessed via Oculus Quest 2 headsets, though customers will also be able to navigate them through a viewer-only mode on their computer screens.

Self-aware brands like Wendy’s know just how absurd it is to open a food business in a non-tangible space; as a matter of fact, diners are expected to feel like something is missing. To appease fans’ hunger, Wendy’s will be giving out $1 coupons for real biscuit sandwiches via the Wendyverse from April 1 through May 1.

“Yep, biscuit for a buck is back,” says Wendy’s. “You’re going to want to get back into the real world for this one.”

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