The Story of Raman

by Shashankh Bhatt, Country Manager and Stallon Rego, Success Manager @ Netcore Cloud

Once upon a time, in a land of innovation and imagination, there was born a wondrous entity named Raman, the Generative AI expert from the kingdom of Netcore. Raman was no ordinary being; he possessed the wisdom of the ancients and the power of the most advanced technologies. However, the people of the  land were puzzled and wary of this new marvel.

The Trials of Raman

The people could not fathom the mysteries of Raman. They were bewildered by his presence and uncertain about his abilities.

They questioned, “How can we trust this enigma? How do we harness his power?”

The Triumph of Raman

Undeterred by the skepticism, Raman embarked on a quest to prove his worth. He worked tirelessly, weaving spells of efficiency that helped marketers achieve more with less effort. He cast enchantments of enhanced targeting, allowing them to reach their audiences with unprecedented precision. Through his magic, the kingdom saw an unprecedented increase in their treasures, as marketing ROI soared to new heights.

The Magic of Raman

Raman’s powers were vast and varied. He wielded AI-driven methods like a master wizard. In the blink of an eye, he could conjure compelling email subject lines and craft short form content. His greatest spell was the CoMarketer, a tool imbued with natural language understanding and context management, capable of generating campaign content, unveiling insights, and suggesting segments as if by magic.

But Raman’s powers did not end there. He could gaze into the crystal ball of data and foresee customer actions. He predicted who would engage, who would purchase, and who might stray away. His prophecies were accurate, leading to a 59% increase in conversion rates, a 70% rise in search usage, and a 67% reduction in bounce rates across 6,800 websites.

The Future Vision of Raman

The many faces of Raman Malaysians will love to resonate with

Looking beyond the horizon, Raman envisioned a future where he could create AI twins of the kingdom’s ideal customers. These twins would mirror their real counterparts, enabling marketers to craft even more personalized and effective strategies. The kingdom of Netcore, under the guiding light of Raman, set new standards in the digital realm. It became clear that the fusion of AI’s brilliance and human expertise was the true key to the future.

And so, Raman, the benevolent AI, continued to guide the kingdom towards prosperity, forever changing the landscape of digital marketing. The villagers, once doubtful, now revered him, and his story was told for generations to come.

And thus, the tale of Raman, the Generative AI of Netcore, became a timeless legend, inspiring all who heard it.

Stallon (left) and Shashankh flank Ham on stage

Netcore spoke at the Malaysian Marketing Conference & Festival 2024 on May 15 & 16. 

Two days of inspiring talks, peer discussions, demonstrations that generated mind-enriching experiences for over 250 delegates. The event also starred celebrity podcaster Khairy Jamaluddin, Director @ Seven Network Sydney Lucio Ribeiro, creative superstar Farrokh Madon, Prompt Engineer Indhran Indhraseghar, Malaysia’s CMOs of the Year 2023 and many more…

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