#TGIM: This lady’s laugh can cure anybody’s Monday Blues

3 years ago
Khol's FB Live Video

(Marketingmagazine.com.my) – By Malati Siniah

Before you type out your next angry email, take some time off to watch the video below.

Now, don’t you feel much better?

Candace Payne infectious laughter coupled with Wookie’s growl seemed to be the recipe for her Facebook Live video’s viral success over the weekend.

Recording live in her car at her local Kohl’s supermarket, Candace unboxing video of her new Chewbacca mask while laughing giddily has garnered over 133 million views and has been shared over 3 million times. Her video titled ‘It’s the simple joys in life’, according to Tech Insider is the most-watched video on Facebook Live ever.

The video smashed the previous record of most watched Facebook Live video, which was BuzzFeed’s exploding watermelon video which received over 10 million views.

Understanding the impact the video had on its brand, the mask featured in Candace’s video has already sold out, Kohl’s responded to Candace’s video by paying her family a visit and showering them with even more Star Wars toys and $2,500 in store gift cards and 10,000 rewards points.

The Kohl’s response was well received by netizens with positive comments posted on the brand’s Facebook Page:

Facebook Live is most often used by publishers, short interviews and live segments are often the method of choice for platforms such as Elite Daily and Business Insider.

Even we at MARKETING have been using the service to conduct live interviews during our recent APPIES event coverage.

Locally brands such as L’oreal has already tapped into the platform, to promote real-time social content for its ‘Women of Worth’ campaign.

Only time will tell if Facebook’s new live video service also will provide brands with an effective platform to engage with their audiences.

Till then have a great Monday!



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