Our collaboration uncovers insights about the Malay consumer for marketers

This is a story of how two media powerhouses are touching the hearts of Malay consumers online by fearlessly unlearning, and learning every day.

“We are ready to fail,” declared TH Chong, Group Director for Astro Media Sales, echoing the new mantra in digital marketing. “Because marketers can learn from our failures and win. In the digital space, people fail everyday and they know that each setback is a step towards success.”

A snapshot will tell you Malays are progressive, modern and forward-looking. They are also more emotional than rational – respond better to emotional values rather than functional values.

“Our tieup with Karangkraf via Nu Ideaktiv is about recognizing that publishers are very powerful and they are the true experts in their own verticals.”

He adds, “We are on the frontlines of this unprecedened frontier where vernacular is the new premium. They have content, we have reach.”

No other local player has more Malay IPs and more insights about the Malay market than Nu Ideaktiv. Astro is in 75% of Malaysian households, serving 23 million individuals on all screens, at home, live, on the go and on demand while Karangkraf has 15 million readers across its newspaper and magazine publications and online media assets.
Digital has sharpened marketing’s focus like never before. How are you seeing this play out for you?

This partnership will further strengthen our leadership in the online space among Malay audiences. Our digital arm, Blaze, has rapidly grown its partner network from 32 to 50 digital brands, increasing its reach to 32 million users* on web and 62.4 million fans* on social media platforms. Blaze allows advertisers to deploy a range of advertising solutions via branded content, videos, social marketing, data-backed programmatic ads, display, as well as bespoke campaigns.

How will this translate into Digital Adex?

In Q4FY18, Astro’s total Adex registered a 2% growth y-o-y from RM705mn to RM722mn and this includes Digital Adex which grew 17% from RM30mn to RM35mn. With this new partnership, we believe the fragmentation of Digital Adex by vernacular-based clusters is forthcoming, like what happened to print, radio and TV.

With the rich content of 38 IPs and a loyal Malay customer base at Karangkraf, Nu Ideaktiv has the first-mover advantage to orchestrate the shift of Adex revenue from local English-based digital to Malay-based digital. Side-stepping the elephant in the room, Google and Facebook, we aim to generate RM7mn Malay-based Digital Adex revenue by FY19 or 10% market share of Malay-based Digital Adex and potentially grow up to RM64mn
or 30% market share by FY22.

What about content creation?

That’s the magic of this partnership. Brands can coalesce with 40 years of content with Karangkraf’s library as we see the shift of Digital ADEX from English to Vernacular accelerating. Building upon that in creating more content is an easy progression as we customise basic themes to different brand themes.

Our rich audience data combined with branded content will make for powerful marketing solutions that cut across Print, Radio, TV and Digital. Our digital strategy is about embracing technology without the fear of empowerment.
Which means we are welcoming a sense of co-ownership with brands.

It is all about the insights, isn’t it?

Of course. Malays love a good story, and this goes beyond horror movies (as what Datuk mentioned). The amount of magazine content alone from Malaysia’s largest Malay publisher is a treasure trove of data that’s rich in insights for brands to leverage on.

Without insights, brands cannot build an engaging ecosystem with their audience. This is the key differentiator in our partnership and offering with Nu Ideaktiv.

*Google Analytics (Monthly Average Dec 2017-Feb 2018)
Read the thoughts of Chairman & Group MD Kumpulan Media Karangkraf, Dato’ (Dr) Hussamuddin Yaacub HERE!

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