MARKETING Games winners announced, party this Saturday!


Balls were flying all over the court. Cheers ensued every few minutes. Monster Energy drinks were gulped down in seconds.

Those were just a few of the exciting things going on at MARKETING Games on 7 July.

Kicking things off at Paradigm Mall, Boulevard where agencies, media, and marketers alike gathered in anticipation.

A short briefing from the emcee and the inaugural MARKETING Games was in session!

The human foosball quickly became the highlight of the Games. At first, players were a little unsure but then within minutes, you’d think they were professionals competing for the World Cup itself.

The emcee kept cracking jokes throughout the Games keeping the atmosphere light and easy.

Quake My kept the atmosphere buzzing by showing a live feed of the MARKETING Games as supporters kept tweeting in their encouragement on their Facebook.

None of the teams showed even the slightest signs of giving up or exhaustion. The e-Games players kept their eyes on the screen, not for a second were they distracted.

The chance to be the champion of MARKETING Games was simply too tough to resist.

The finale of the MARKETING Games foosball watch was between New World Hotel who had perfected their dribbling skills and Carat & Consider iProspect whose eyes saw nothing but victory.

It was a truly a foosball game to remember. Alas, New World Hotel dribbled their way into victory. Moving Walls took home the third prize while Dentsu LHS clinched fourth.

The FIFA MARKETING Games champion went to the very talented Anwar Amin from RHB. While Haikal Amir Hamzah from Consider iProspect took home the second prize and Mohd Daniel Firdaus clinched third.

The very first MARKETING Games was truly an event to remember. To view more photos of all the action that went down, head on to our Facebook page.

Catch you at the World Cup Live Screening Party on 14 July! Click here for more details.

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