Suria KLCC faces backlash for ‘Qingming-like’ CNY deco on social media

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Suria KLCC is facing a lot of heat for a Chinese New Year decoration structure outside the mall which netizens are referring to something that is more “Qingming-like”.

Qingming refers to the “tomb-sweeping day” or Cheng Beng observed by ethnic Chinese in Malaysia.

The decorative pagoda-like structure erected outside the mall stood tall above mall-goers, but according to the comments of various Facebook users, it closely resembles the prayer paraphernalia that were burnt on Qingming.

In a post by Malaysia Shopping Mall, a Facebook user said the popular shopping mall should have conducted more research and consulted members of the Chinese community before proceeding with the idea, describing it as “truly ugly”.

“It doesn’t bring any feeling of Chinese New Year, but more like Qingming.

“Totally failed (concept). Please design this thing with a sincere heart and after sufficient research instead of doing this just to ‘submit your homework’,” said the user.

Others questioned the mall’s marketing budget and described the decoration as a “definite fail”, urging the mall to pay greater respect to Chinese culture.

Source: FMT

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