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December 1, 2020 3:00 pm
December 3, 2020 4:00 pm

As we prepare to step into 2021, most business budgets are under pressure and investment strategies are under stark review. Following Malaysian Tech Month 2020 (MTM 2020), MDEC in collaboration with MARKETING Magazine is hosting a three-part webinar series titled ‘Helping Entrepreneurs Win’ aimed at providing local SMEs with valuable insights and encouraging them to treat their digital investments as more than just an automation tool.

Moderated by the Chief Marketing Officer of MDEC, Raymond Siva, each session will tackle the following areas that will provide SMEs with a holistic digitalisation strategy as they plan for the upcoming year.

Session 1 (1 December 2020): Going digital means more than just automation: Part 1 – MarTech

Session 2 (2 December 2020): Going digital means more than just automation: Part 2 – AdTech

Session 3 : (3 December 2020): Learn your blindspots when it comes to your Brand Safety



Session 1 description:

MarTech is continuously growing as the most significant area of investment for marketing resources and programs. In 2018, MarTech ate up nearly a third of marketing budgets and although this trend continues in 2020, it also poses certain challenges.

MarTech’s upsurge of data and tools can be overwhelming for certain companies, making it difficult for them to keep their technology up-to-date and their staff up-to-speed on how best to utilize the tool. On top of that, finding the right talent can also be a pain point for some companies because while the technical marketing landscape requires technical skills, marketing still requires creativity, empathy, and humanity.

Due to these reasons and more, MarTech as a tool tends to be underutilized, meaning companies are wasting money by not fully leveraging on MarTech.

MDEC is determined to help companies understand these different pitfalls and navigate the use of MarTech as a vital tool needed to facilitate business’ growth.

Serm Teck Choon (Former President, MDA & CEO, Antsomi)
Swathi Eashwer (Senior Digital Consultant, R3)
Bala Pomaleh (CEO, IPG Mediabrands)

Session 2 description:

Ad Tech when optimally used should cover the entire delivery process, right from the content of your ad to the audience it will reach. Using data and analytics, AdTech can help businesses see the ‘bigger picture’ by allowing them to reach a more relevant audience, with a lesser budget. Hence, the key significance of understanding and using Ad Tech effectively lies in its cost-saving benefits.

Businesses that learn to take the digital resources they have at hand a step further and in-house their advertising, are more likely to see sustainable business growth.

Alex Hooi (Head of Digital Solutions, Invictus Blue)
Hubert Marchand (Country Director, ADA Cambodia)
Sulin Lau (Regional Head of Country Marketing, Grab)

Session 3 description:

Following the first two parts of the series which will discuss how companies can capitalise on their digital resources by understanding MarTech and AdTech as a tool they can utilise in-house , the third and final session of the webinar series will aptly discuss brand safety.

There is no denying that as a larger percentage of businesses move online during this time of heightened anxiety, brand safety and brand suitability are more acute; with audiences more sensitive to brand missteps and are more likely to react badly to them. This applies to SMEs as well.

A negative brand safety incident can create a national negative consumer blowback, with the Internet enabling people to share these stories in a nanosecond.

As SMEs increasingly move into the digital space to execute their marketing and advertising initiatives, the elements they must consider is beyond just the content of their message/ads. Understanding that where your message/ads runs and what they run alongside, is just also important to avoid a negative incident.

Nicholas Sagau (President, MDA & Chief Product Officer, REV Media Group)
Harmandar Singh (Regional CEO, MARKETING Magazine)
Andrew Pinto (Head of Marketing,