Scandals & Scoundrels


A collection of essays on 1MDB & related issues – R. Nadeswaran

Many may view the 1MDB scandal as water under the bridge. Najib Razak is in jail, his wife Rosmah Mansor has been convicted and so have a handful of others.

But Malaysians, especially the younger ones need to be constantly reminded of the dark days when efforts to uncover and write the truth were frustrated by various instruments of the state.

So many lies were told to protect one man. Many lost their livelihoods; others lost their respect and dignity and a few were unceremoniously dumped. Publications had their publishing permits suspended and their editors detained. All we could do was to hold candlelight vigils and protest – but our voices were hardly heard – dimmed by the loud voices of those in authority.

Amidst this, there were a few lone voices — the opposition and journalists who played the role of advocates of good governance. They expressed their repugnance towards the state of affairs.

Some of these writings appear in this book. I have chosen the older articles — from 2015 and 2019 because the newer articles would be fresh in your memories. They are reflective of my thoughts at that time. No stone was unturned by those involved and their sycophants to prevent details of the transactions and the shenanigans and the key players and their sometimes-idiotic utterances.

This is a book as a document of records. Maybe, in a few years’ time, some of you will ask your children or grandchildren to visit the bad old days which your generation went through. They should be continually reminded that they have a role to ensure it would never ever be repeated.

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