Reprise & TNB keep ‘Epik Fantastik’ Raya spirit alive

It’s no secret we love festive films and can’t get enough of them. So before the Raya weekend arrives, we bring you another Hari Raya Film, released by Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB). 

Titled #SemangatRayaEpikFantastik, which translates to the ‘Epik Fantastik’ Raya spirit, the film holds the essence of TNB’s past Raya films by including cameo appearances from previous festive films.

Despite the restrictions from the Movement Control Order, the film manages to evoke an energy of togetherness by using home videos from several families preparing for Raya and of younger Muslims baking their own kuih raya for the first time by following online tutorials.

“There’s a quirky, whimsical and amusing quality that has come to be a trademark of TNB festive films over the past few years,” muses Executive Creative Director of Reprise, Kevin Le. “This year’s film shows a slightly restrained, yet light-hearted tone due to the stay-home order by seeking inspiration from the talents and skills that Malaysians were picking up and sharing online which represents that sense of looking on the brighter side of things.”

The film opens and closes with Jero the cat, a character that has been a regular feature across TNB’s festive films since he first appeared 4 years ago. His message to the audience is a reminder of humanity, solidarity and togetherness, with the film’s feature song titled ‘Kita Tetap Bersama’ meaning ‘We will always be together’ serving as a fitting backdrop to the message.

“The MCO has given Malaysians a new lease of life as things that were previously taken for granted are now appreciated, and in its place, we are becoming more creative, compassionate and giving,” adds Chief Corporate Officer of TNB, Datuk Wira Roslan Ab. Rahman. “It has given Malaysians a chance to rediscover new purpose and nurture family ties, and this is something we all view with gratitude.”

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