Reminder: Submit APPIES entries soon; deadline is March 15 2019

1 year ago

The APPIES Malaysia Marketing Awards 2019 is less than two months away; that can only mean one thing: it’s time to submit those potentially award-winning pitches.

For those who have yet to put in their submissions, just click here:

As for the few who are still hesitant, consider this: the APPIES is a two-day marketing festival that aims to raise the professionalism and talent potential; specifically, within the marketing industry.

Furthermore, both days are choke-full of live presentations from various agencies who are pitching for the highly sought APPIES Gold awards. This, of course, includes rigorous judging and benchmarking from an esteem jury panel; all of whom will be gauging the best works from Malaysia’s top marketers and agencies.

Those in attendance are free to pick which campaign presentations they want to attend; of course, all based on their interests as various sessions will run concurrently in separate halls of the same venue.

By the end of this two-day event, all participants will gain tangible takeaways from this impressive showcase.

The immediate question: What’s the hold-up? Prepare, optimise, and submit that entry for APPIES 2019 now!

Submission deadline for APPIES Malaysia Marketing Awards 2019: 15th March 2019.

Submit online here:

More details on the event:

For those who want to find out what the judges are expecting, do check out this year’s collection of APPIES 2019 Quick Chat.