Pizza Hut UK showcases creativity in digital

For most of advertising professionals out there, when the subject of digital advertising comes up, it’s often all about metrics and short-term thinking that drowns out the big idea of a campaign.

But, if it’s done right, as Charlotte Rogers of Marketing Week presents, the returns on the branding side can be huge.

Speaking to the publication, Pizza Hut’s UK CMO, Beverly D’Cruz, talks about the fact that the digital avenue is absolutely integral to the company.

Since 80 percent of its business comes from customers interacting with the brand online, proper storytelling needs to be at the core of the experience.

Now That’s Delivering – a proper advertisement that is humorous yet right on the money.

D’Cruz reminds marketers to remember that digital is not a ‘world of robots’ and behind every programmatic ad is a real customer waiting to be engaged.

Pizza Hut’s recent digital-only campaign, “Now That’s Delivering”, was designed to drive awareness about the company’s delivery service, loyalty scheme and speed guarantee.

D’Cruz says she was “amazed” by the response, especially the fact 3.9 million people watched the 90-second YouTube video to the end.

“If you don’t have an idea, it’s not going to sell,” D’Cruz states. “The creative idea was that we’re taking our gloves off to our competitors, having a bit of fun, being a bit irreverent and tongue-in-cheek, and people responded.”

Source: Marketing Week

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