Advertising fraud in China remains very high

Advertising fraud continues to be a problem in the Asia Pacific region. With more focus on mobile devices, ad budgets in this area is fast growing in momentum.

Right now, studies prove that ad fraud remains highest in China, with no relief in sight. By 2022, TrafficGuard predicts that Chinese publishers and advertisers will face losses up to $19 billion.

In 2018 alone, the influx of tricksters, fraudsters and schemers in the mobile advertising space led to around US$34 billion of advertising losses.

TrafficGuard, an expert in ad fraud, estimates that number will move closer to $56 billion by the time we reach 2022.

Further data proves that this fraud is higher in regions where screen time is increased during app usage.

On average, this amounts to three to five hours each day. With the increased app usage, users in these regions become more susceptible to advertising fraud.

Some of the ways advertisers can insulate themselves is to utilize multi-point fraud prevention. This real-time system can detect fraud, and also provide accurate and useful metrics.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is also another key component in challenging ad fraud. Advertisers need to use the technology to analyze data and scan interactions for illegal activity.

Source: Ad Tech Daily.

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