Our showreel of Merdeka 2019 TVCs so far!

It’s that time of year again. Every brand is getting in on the action and preparations for the 62nd Merdeka Day are well underway.

As always the importance of unity and patriotism is high on the agenda, with the well-being on the people and shared prosperity being of paramount importance.

We are showcasing Merdeka commercials that use humour, drama and unexpected points of view to drive home the core of what Malaysia is all about. Enjoy!

RHB Group Merdeka 2019 TVC

RHB’s message this Merdeka Day is for Malaysian’s to put aside their racial and ethnic differences and think as one. The message is depicted in a heart-warming video above.

This film dramatises a universal social issue by taking the audience into a colour-coded world, where a clear divide exists between the rich and the poor, the urban and the rural, the employers and the employees, and so on.

The first half of this film depicts a cold and sullen society marred by fear, uncertainty and distrust. Tension builds as groups of people wearing clothes of different colours find themselves in conflict situations.

The climax of this film arrives when one protagonist from each scenario takes the first progressive step by opening the door that had been keeping people apart.

This is when the colours of the clothes turn into white; the only element that had been separating the groups is now removed. With everyone wearing only one colour, the second half of the film naturally takes on a different tone.

The world suddenly becomes warmer, friendlier and closer, as every person now belongs on the same side – the side of progress.

PETRONAS Merdeka 2019 TVC

PETRONAS launched its latest Webfilm ‘UNI’ together with Malaysians counting down the upcoming National and Malaysia Day celebrations at PETRONAS’ 45th Anniversary Celebration concert at The Plaza, PETRONAS Twin Towers, KLCC.  

The Webfilm screened live at the event,  is about life in a university campus that represents a  ‘mini Malaysia’,  with different races, languages and values, which also reflects PETRONAS’ Anugerah Kita festive theme for 2019, about the abundance of blessings that have been bestowed on us. 

‘UNI’ tells the story of two young men entering university life – the shy Roger Junior Buang from Sabah and the more outgoing Rizwan from Kedah. Roger struggles to adjust to university life, and that makes him an easy target for bullying by Rizwan. Roger and Rizwan are paired together for an assignment but decided to work separately instead.

A stern reminder from their lecturer ensued,  leaving them no choice but to stay back over their semester break and complete the assignment, developing their camaraderie and respect for each other in the process. 

PETRONAS Senior General Manager of Group Strategic Communications, Zahariah (Liza) Abdul Rahman said: “The web film explores our colourful dynamics as a multicultural society and how at times, it seems like our differences appear to overwhelm us.

Yet, at the end of the day, it is those differences that actually bring us closer together. UNI brings out those uniquely Malaysian traits that unite us – understanding and acceptance.  

The launch of the Webfilm coincides with PETRONAS’ 45th Anniversary celebration, themed #BersamaMerentasZaman and #OurTimeTogether. The concert today features Malaysia’s top 45 artists over the past four decades including Amy Search, Ella, Jaclyn Victor, M Nasir, Ruffedge and others. 

Malaysians are also invited to experience PETRONAS’ first Time Travel Truck for a time capsule adventure through an immersive video experience of the Company’s milestones since its inception in 1974.  

The truck will be travelling to 22 different locations across 10 states until 14 September 2019. Visitors stand a chance to receive limited edition anniversary enamel pins when they participate in activities at the truck.  

PETRONAS is also showcasing the ‘Tree of Tales’ – a digital LED screen installation at Suria KLCC, that tells the story of #OurTimeTogether from 1974 to the envisioned future, from 17-23 August 2019. 

The National & Malaysia Day Webfilm can be viewed on PETRONAS’ official YouTube channel, and to find out more about PETRONAS’ 45th-anniversary celebration, visit www.petronas.com/45years.

CIMB Merdeka TVC 2019

Azizulhasni Awang, a national cyclist and Olympian, is passionate about providing deserving Malaysian youth with the opportunity to socialise through community-based activities and sports.

CIMB Group took this opportunity to highlight his life in this awe inspiring TVC about passion, grit and determination. There are lessons to be learnt in life that have all do with perseverance and the relentless pursuit of excellence for all of us. It’s indeed a poignant message for all Malaysians.

CELCOM Merdeka TVC 2019

Axiata & Celcom advance the spirit of independence through technology this National Day. Inspired by true events in 1957, Axiata and Celcom’s 2019 National Day film titled Getaran Pertama chronicles the search for the first choir to sing the national anthem of the soon-to-be independent Malaya.

We follow the adventure of Ahmad Merican, the Music Supervisor of Radio Malaya and his good friend, music teacher and conductor, Tony Fonseka as they take on the task to fulfill Tunku Abdul Rahman’s wish of seeing everyday Malayans – regardless of race, creed and background – uniting as one voice to herald the birth of our new nation.

The heartwarming film will be followed by a special encore performance of “Negaraku”, conducted by the late Tony Fonseka. A feat made possible through deep learning modules that analysed pictures of the conductor, which were then used to map out his facial features in order to render a true-to-life virtual likeness via mixed reality technology.

Partnering with creative agency M&C Saatchi, Axiata and Celcom embarked on a journey to uncover one of the lesser known stories (albeit one of the most inspiring) behind our national anthem.

The tale surrounding the first choir to sing “Negaraku” is brought to life with the help of both the Merican and Fonseka families. First-hand accounts about the choir were gained through interviews and personal anecdotes shared by Tan Sri Ahmad Merican as well as the sons and daughter of the late Tony Fonseka.

Treasured family photographs also served as inspirations, while historical locations like the Tunku Abdul Rahman Memorial became iconic settings that added to the richness of the story.

Getaran Pertama is set to be Axiata and Celcom’s most iconic National Day film yet. Getaran Pertama is set to be Axiata and Celcom’s most iconic National Day film yet. Watch the film and the choir’s encore performance on www.celcom.com.my

MAXIS Merdeka TVC 2019

This National Day, Maxis is celebrating the diversity of all Malaysians with its #100peratusMalaysia campaign in collaboration with eclectic Malaysian personalities. 

To tell this story, Maxis has launched a short film depicting these Malaysian personalities who were taken through a journey of self-discovery.

Leveraging the power of technology, they dug deeper into their identities through DNA testing.

Despite results showing that they had a link to various geographical locations around the world, there was one compelling truth – they are all #100peratusMalaysia.

“The premise of our National Day campaign was using technology to not only understand our unique differences in a new light, but also acknowledge that our diversity is what makes us stronger and enables us to achieve great things.

“The more we know ourselves, the more we realise that our differences tell the story of who we are as Malaysians. At the end of the day, our love for Malaysia, our homeland, is what unites us, and we hope that this campaign will raise the spirits of Malaysians everywhere,” said Tai Kam Leong, Maxis’ Head of Brand and Marketing.

Watch the making of the film above to get a glimpse of their experience and thoughts. 

The personalities involved in the campaign – writer and activist Marina Mahathir, food ambassador of Tourism Malaysia Dato’ Chef Wan, Miss Universe Malaysia 2011 Deborah Priya Henry, performing arts icon Tiara Jacquelina, actor and award-winning comedian Douglas Lim, SEA Games gymnastic gold medallist Farah Ann Abdul Hadi and national football legend Datuk Santokh Singh – expressed similar beliefs in the campaign idea, participating in the project with positive energy and enthusiasm.

AirAsia Merdeka TVC 2019

In conjunction with the upcoming National Day and Malaysia Day, AirAsia has launched a thematic campaign “Your Journey, Our Passion” to celebrate Malaysian unity.

Rooted in AirAsia’s culture of putting people first, the 360-degree campaign will leverage on broadcast, digital, print and out-of-home platforms.

The campaign kicked off yesterday with the launch of AirAsia’s National Day and Malaysia Day tribute, “Hidup Bersama”. Narrated by the Prime Minister of Malaysia YAB Tun Dr Mahathir Bin Mohamad and novelist and poet Dato Sri A Samad Said, the video depicts the everyday lives of Malaysians from all walks of life striving together for a better future.

AirAsia Malaysia CEO Riad Asmat said, “Malaysia’s strength has always been its people and its diversity. This year, we wanted to showcase this diversity as a reminder that our strength is because of, and not in spite of, our differences. In that sense, AirAsia is like a microcosm of Malaysia, a place where Allstars of all races, religions and backgrounds have a hand in making us what we are today.”

Maybank Merdeka TVC 2019

As we celebrate this year’s Hari Kebangsaan and Malaysia Day, it is timely to remember those who have inspired us on our journey to success.

No matter how big or small, every piece of advice, every word of encouragement and every opportunity given, has led us to where we are today.

While the past has helped pave the way, the present continues to contribute to the development of the nation. In keeping with this, The Maybank MYStories campaign continues its journey to encourage acts of goodwill, to emulate the true Malaysian spirit.

“As a homegrown financial institution, our customers’ wellbeing has always been our main priority.

“Staying true to our purpose of humanising the role of Financial Services in peoples’ lives, we are on the journey to constantly improve ourselves and at the same time, hope that it will inspire people to be the force of good,” said Datuk Abdul Farid Alias, Group President and CEO of Maybank.

“Remembering the main objective of our MYStories campaign of providing a platform for our unsung heroes, we would like to take this opportunity to thank those who have inspired us to be the person we are today.

Our leaders, parents, teachers, colleagues and those who have touched our lives. “Cikgu Kula, who is featured in our MYStories video, is one fine example – a teacher who worked tirelessly for 38 years and wants nothing but success for his students in education, career and life.

Some deeds cannot be repaid and the best that we can do is to pay forward that act of kindness to inspire the next generation to build a better nation,” he continued.

During the Hari Kebangsaan and Malaysia Day period, Maybank is also enabling members of the public to do their part in contributing to our future generations through MaybankHeart (www.maybankheart.com).

Digi Merdeka TVC 2019

In the spirit of bringing all Malaysians together to celebrate our 62nd National Day, Digi Telecommunications Sdn Bhd (Digi) introduced Footbraille, the first of its kind solution to help our visually impaired peers experience the full euphoria of a football match.

The Footbraille prototype and its benefits to this community makes its debut in the company’s national day video this year. “We constantly look for inspiration and new ways that technology can help build meaningful connections.

We strongly believe that all Malaysians should be given the opportunity to benefit from the power of the internet and technology.

“In this instance, we married the passion and patriotism of our nation’s athletes to one of our most iconic sporting moments that happened over 39 years ago – when Malaysia won 2-1 against South Korea in the 1980 Olympics Moscow qualifiers.

“By applying technology innovatively, we are able to be inclusive to connect the visually impaired communities to what matters to them, enabling them to enjoy and pursue their passion for football in an immersive manner,” said Joachim Rajaram, Digi’s Chief Corporate Affairs Officer.

“It was a challenging but inspiring journey for us, especially when we saw the expressions of wonder and delight on the faces of the Malaysian blind footballers as they felt the match for the first time.

It affirms our belief that our efforts to ensure no one is left behind as the world moves forward digitally is well worth it,” he added.

Footbraille is a prototype that is set to change the way the visually impaired experience the thrills and the spills of a football match as their sighted peers would.

Developed by Digi, it is a touch table which syncs wirelessly to a device with a custom software that inputs the ball’s movement, and then creates a touch-based response allowing users to “feel” the match.

This experience is enhanced by a live match commentary to help users completely immerse themselves in the game. Multiple Footbraille devices can be simultaneously connected to allow for several users to experience a match at the same time.

In the next phase, Footbraille will be put to the test to capture a live or training football match, and transmit the game in real-time. This solution can be adapted for other types of sporting events and use cases.

GRAB Merdeka TVC 2019

If there’s one thing that unites Malaysians, it’s our unmatched love and passion for all things yummy and delicious. Although we may still disagree and argue over which nasi lemak is the best in town or what type of durian is the best, it’s undeniable that we Malaysians never discriminate good food.

As such, Iris Chang, Grab Malaysia’s Country Head of Marketing shared that this year Grab is choosing to demonstrate their patriotic pride by celebrating what truly makes Malaysia unique; that is the colourful and flavourful palate of Malaysians.

“As Malaysia’s homegrown everyday app, this year, Grab is celebrating Malaysia Day by uniting all Malaysians with the theme #MakanMakanMalaysia, by making it even more convenient for us to satisfy our insatiable Malaysian appetites.

TM Merdeka TVC 2019

‘Jalur Lebar, Jalur Gemilang’, a story of inspiration about Nora who is determined to preserve a long-standing family tradition of woodcarving artistry inherited from her father passed down through generations.

TM stands behind Malaysians traversing possibilities pursuing their passions through the power of broadband. The value of unity, embodied in the spirit of Jalur Gemilang is certainly felt as our National Day is just around the corner.

The combination of ‘Jalur Lebar, Jalur Gemilang’ symbolically represents our responsibility in transforming the country to become a digital nation.


MILO Merdeka 2019 TVC

Reprise, IPG Mediabrands’ full-service integrated communications agency has crafted an inspirational and nostalgic video with well-loved brand MILO this Merdeka and Malaysia Day.

To reinvigorate the Malaysian spirit and rally the nation together, the video showcases some of the most historical and empowering occasions witnessed as a nation.

The video titled ‘Seiring Mencipta Kejayaan, Bersama Kita Raikan’ (translated to mean ‘Creating and celebrating our successes together’) brings to life the big and little moments shared with MILO over the years.

Amir Faiz, Group Creative Director of Reprise said, “The essence of this video is about bringing Malaysians together through defining moments and highlighting the journey we have had with the brand since independence.

MILO’s core brand purpose is about nourishing ambitions, and we wanted to tie these sentiments into a video that celebrates the achievements we have made as a nation.

The messages encapsulated demonstrate that despite our inherent differences, we are capable in reaching great heights through unity, belief and collaboration.”

The video reflects on our journey as Malaysians, with clips of Independence Day, the union of East Malaysia, and defining sporting moments including the Thomas Cup, MSSM (the Malaysia Schools Sports Council) and SEA Games.


Reprise, IPG Mediabrands’ full-service integrated communications agency has worked hand in hand with leading eCommerce platform Lazada Malaysia to launch a Merdeka campaign titled “Kita Merdekawan”.

The Merdeka campaign kicked off under Lazada’s new brand positioning themed ‘Go Where Your Heart Beats’. A series of three short videos were deployed across Instagram and Facebook alongside the Lazada app and website that cleverly allowed deals to be pushed throughout the Merdeka month, whilst embracing the “Malaysian-ness” in all of us.

Kevin Le, Executive Creative Director of Reprise said, “Kita Merdekawan speaks to the heart of every Malaysian and stays true to the brand promise. It is meant to convey the message that we are united as friends, and patriotic at heart. The team managed to find a way to merge those two ideas in a creative manner, and the videos that have rolled out certainly tickle the funny bone in a way all Malaysians can relate to.”

With the tagline ‘Malaysians will always be Malaysians’, the videos take a colloquial and light-hearted approach, depicting three different individuals with their Malaysian personality shining through following their purchases on Lazada. Each video takes on a different aspect that customers look at when considering a purchase – German technology for an automatic gate, Texas Grilling for a BBQ set and Swiss Precision for a clock – but relate back to the uniqueness of Malaysians and how they use each of these items.

Across the videos, audiences are also able to find hidden clues for special Lazada vouchers and promotions that are related to the Merdeka theme. Viewers are encouraged to find the clues which can be keyed into the Lazada app to receive the voucher.

Diana Boo, Chief Marketing Officer of Lazada Malaysia commented, “The rollout of the campaign has connected with our customers on a very personal level and demonstrated the Lazada experience in true Malaysian fashion. It also reflects our recent brand refresh and reinforces our mission to become a lifestyle destination for all Malaysians – delivering more than just goods to consumers.”

This is Lazada’s first brand refresh in five years which was conceptualised on the common goal between the e-commerce giant and the brands and sellers they work with to demonstrate an aspiration of a better life. The refreshed brand identity marked the sporting of a new heart-shaped logo mark, with the letter “L” representing Lazada configured as a three-dimensional box.


Taylor’s will be celebrating Malaysian youth and their aspiration to inspire the nation to be the change they want to see in the country. #ichangeMY was launched with an aim to curate and drive these conversations on the social media platforms.

Ben Foo, Group Chief Marketing Officer, Taylor’s University said, “We recognise that the voice of Malaysian youth is getting louder and in this time of change, their voices matter more than ever. Being an institution that believes in grooming the next generation of nation builders, we are excited to share our Merdeka – Malaysia day movement, which aims to drive social conversation among the youth on changes that they want to see in the country.

Universities have always been a hub for youth engagement and at Taylor’s we have passionate students and alumni who are not shy to voice or act on them. And, this is one of the interesting facts about the student population here; they are driven, they are ambitious, and they are not afraid to express themselves. Significantly, this initiative would send a clear message to our future generation that we appreciate their passion in building up Malaysia. I believe this is what the new Malaysia looks like.”

To kickstart the campaign, Taylor’s pays tribute to its community who wish for change and contributed to the betterment of the country, through a series of stories which encapsulate heartwarming actions.

Dr Camelia Kusumo, a senior lecturer at Taylor’s School of Architecture, Building and Design is currently leading a research which aims to restore the historical core of Klang City. “The royal town of Klang has an extensive history and I hope the study will give Klang a unique identity.”

For Rick Chee, founder of Food Aid Foundation and Taylor’s University alumni, the combination of science and technology to safely donate food gathered from industry partners and the public fulfilled his life’s purpose to exponentially close the gap in world hunger, “I think it is morally wrong for us to throw our food away, when there are people in need of those food. I want to see a law, like the Good Samaritan law in place, so that we can cut food wastage and improve sustainability in our country,” he said.

Second year student in the Bachelor of Quantity Surveying, School of Architecture, Building and Design, Nurul Ahsha Binti Haji Roslim believes that the next generation carries the voice of Malaysia. While for Winnie Lim, a first-year student in the MBBS programme at the School of Medicine, helping the less fortunate is a necessity to overcome existing adversities to propel the country forward, “As a Malaysian, I feel that I have the responsibility to give my love, care, and time to the people who needs it.”

#ichangeMY will span 3 weeks starting 29 August until 23 September.


To celebrate national day, INTI’s Merdeka video presents a 68 minute long suspenseful dramatic thriller about teamwork, collaboration, unity, and patriotism.

What appears to be a seemingly intense drama in INTI International University & Colleges’ (INTI) 2019 Merdeka video, eventually becomes a valuable lesson on unity, collaboration, teamwork, and patriotism for a classroom of students.

Entitled The Liar’s Game, the dramatic thriller showcases Mr. Joshua, a fictional lecturer first featured in INTI’s Hari Raya video and infamously known for his unconventional teaching methods, introducing his Merdeka gamification assignment to his classroom of students.

The story continues with Mr. Joshua explaining the game’s concept and how the results of the game could potentially signify an immediate “pass” or “fail” grade for the students’ entire semester.

After a series of 13 laboriously challenging rounds, the students eventually succeeded in working together and ensuring everyone received full marks for their semester’s work.

Timothy Johnson, Senior Vice President of Marketing, Products & Partnerships at INTI, shared that INTI’s latest Merdeka video aims to demonstrate the struggles and realities of Malaysia’s founding members prior to independence.

“When we refer to our (Malaysia’s) history books, we see that gaining our country’s independence was a mammoth task. Our founding members had to partake in dozens of negotiations, organise communication strategies, unify different communities, and leverage public support, amongst other responsibilities.

“I believe the characters in our video perfectly exemplify these challenges in their attempt to gain victory for themselves and for the team,” shared Timothy.

“Without a doubt, this would not have been made possible without our collaborator, Kokom, who is a well-known Malay content creator and has a Youtube following of over 300,000 subscribers,” he added.

IJM LAND Merdeka TVC 2019

The over-riding theme is about unity and these videos from IJM Land convey the meaning of oneness in succinct yet significant concepts, be it rhythm or dance.

MYDIN Merdeka TVC 2019

This is perhaps the most interesting take on Merdeka, with a twist on being ecologically responsible and being mindful about obligations in this day and age.

Kudos to Mydin!


When it comes down to it, teamwork will always be the order of the day. This hilarious video really nails it on the head. Three patients do their utmost to help each other out and hilarity ensues.

Affliate Junction really did do a proper execution of the old adage, ‘hand in hand, we are better,” it’s a potent reminder for all Malaysians to stay united and help each other during trying moments.

A nice reminder for all Malaysians as we approach Merdeka and Malaysia Day!

Firefly MERDEKA TVC 2019

This Merdeka and Malaysia Day, Firefly emphasizes why the words “Terima Kasih” are more than just good manners.

The 100% Malaysian airline encourages Malaysians to be thankful and believes that we can’t call ourselves Malaysians if we can’t say those two simple words that have a power to change life, as the actions are also beneficial to the self.

We Malaysians fancy nice things but forget what describes us. Malaysia is Terima Kasih. Terima Kasih, Malaysia!

BOOST Merdeka TVC 2019

What are your aspirations for the country we call home, Boosties? Is it similar to the ones discovered by our curious little Ridzuan in the video?

In the spirit of Hari Kebangsaan, we want to know about your dreams for Malaysia & how you would like to #BoostMYMalaysia!

Share your dreams with us in the comment section by the 4th of September! A Boosted surprise awaits!

Be it lifestyle, behaviour or mindset of the people, no dream is too small when we join hands. Together, let’s make Malaysia a better place for everyone


This is a nice advertisement from PLUS Malaysia that underlines the importance of being courteous, patient and a responsible driver on our highways.

Watch and enjoy how three families make their way to Putrajaya to watch the celebrations of our country’s 62nd Merdeka Day.


The late Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra Al-Haj, the Father of Independence; the late Tan Sri P Ramlee, the silver screen legend; and Datuk Nicol David, the greatest woman squash player of all time, are some of the many iconic figures who have inspired Jacob’s to embark on its The Original Cream Cracker Celebrates Original Malaysians campaign in conjunction with Merdeka.

As the nation celebrates its 62nd year of Independence this year, Jacob’s, a biscuit brand under snacking powerhouse Mondelez International, aims to put a spotlight on some of Malaysia’s greatest icons in recognition of their accomplishments in being the first, the best, and the original of their crafts.

Commenting on the campaign, Raja Zalina Raja Safran, Head of Corporate and Government Affairs, Mondelez International (Malaysia) said, “Jacob’s biscuits have been in Malaysia for 66 years, even before Malaysia gained its Independence in 1957. Because of its long-standing presence in Malaysia, Jacob’s has always been known as the original cream cracker by consumers.

The way we manufacture Jacob’s crackers may have evolved over time, but the one thing that has remained the same is its original recipe and distinctive taste, which our loyal fans know so well. “Jacob’s The Original Cream Cracker Celebrates Original Malaysians campaign is our way of celebrating the rich history of our nation and looking back upon what has been accomplished thus far.

This Merdeka, we could do with more of such reminders about all the things that make Malaysia great!” added Raja Zalina. The Jacob’s Original Cream Cracker Celebrates Original Malaysians campaign will feature eight inspiring and original Malaysian personalities who are legends in their own fields: Tunku Abdul Rahman – the first Prime Minister of Malaysia who gave Malaysia its independence.

Tan Sri P Ramlee – regarded as a national treasure in the local entertainment industry for his contribution to the movie and music industry, and literary works.

Datuk Nicol David – the best squash queen who is well known for being the longest reigning world squash champion and for bringing squash to the international arena.

Bram Lee – the first Malaysian YouTube star to hit 1,000,000 subscribers, and the original young figure in the field of social media.

Farah Ann – an internationally acclaimed gymnastic icon, the first Malaysian personality in her sport.

A Chandramalar – also known as the Woman of Steel, she was the first Malaysian trailblazing policewoman to head the Anti-Vice Branch in Penang.

Marina Ahmad – the Mount Everest conqueror, she was the first Malaysian woman to reach the summit of Mount Everest.

Yaashwin Sarawanan – the Human Calculator and youngest personality on this list is being celebrated as the first Malaysian to emerge runner-up on ‘Asia’s Got Talent’.

“We are truly honoured to be associated with these Original icons who are also original in their own way. Their passion and commitment continue to inspire us to be proud Malaysians,” commented Raja Zalina.

Farah Ann, who grew up enjoying Jacob’s cream crackers said, “It is truly an honour to be part of this campaign and be in the same league with these amazing icons who are Original Malaysians. I am blessed. Thank you Jacob’s Original Cream Cracker.”

The campaign, which kicked off in August, will end on Malaysia Day (16 September).

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