Nobody is addressing the elephant in the room

Malaysia Airlines pitch leaves agencies speechless and lost.


Something has to be said on behalf of the creative, media and digital agencies who spent all their resources and time in the recent Malaysia Airlines pitch that was called off. 

Yes, I respect the fact that Malaysia Airlines paid each 4As participating agency a pitch disbursement of RM10,000. 

Yes, I respect the fact that the 4As played their role managing the process.

Yes, I respect the fact that the CEO of Malaysia Airlines apologised for the cancellation. 

But before you know it, this will all pass like a ship in the night. 

Remember, it was a global pitch. Not a one-off localised campaign.

Remember, it was for multiple functions: Creative, Social and Digital.

Remember, agencies spent up to a few hundred thousand ringgit in man hours and pitch materials. 

Remember, non-4As agencies got nothing in disbursement. And “quite a lot” of them presented.

Remember, there are rogue advertisers who recycle ideas from multiple sources

Remember, it is still a buyer’s market and associations serve to protect only their members. 

But one thing is for sure: all the agencies that pitched will keep mum for fear of not being called again when Malaysia Airlines finish “rethinking their marketing plans”. 


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