Razer Malaysia Reinforces Presence with Official HQ

Razer Malaysia reinforces presence with Official HQ

After months of teasing Malaysian fans, and courting them over the years before, Razer is officially making its presence felt; that’s right Razer Malaysia is now an official entity!

While not device-related, it instead opens a proper headquarters just on the outskirts of Kuala Lumpur.

This move comes after the gaming hardware manufacturer put in a number of firsts for this country.

This includes allocating RM10 million to support the esports scene here and launching Razer Pay regionally in Malaysia. Before that, there has been the MOLPay collaboration to introduce Razer zGold.

If anything, it feels like as if Malaysia will be the launchpad for multiple experiments; specifically the ones that Razer Co-Founder and CEO, Tan Min-Liang, is keen to try-out before going mass-market.

After all the teasing Min-Liang did on Twitter earlier this week, the real purpose of his visit makes itself known. Fans have been making wild guesses as to what he and Razer are up to at Bangsar South since he made his presence known.

The new Malaysian headquarters, housing 280 personnel, will be fronting Razer’s fintech efforts. Other key initiatives like esports and discovering the new tech talent that Malaysia has to offer.

“Razer will be investing in Malaysia as a hub for our fintech efforts in South East Asia,” said Min-Liang.

“[More than that,] Razer will also focus on bringing in and developing the right talent and infrastructure. The opening of this office is a clear sign of our commitment; after all, we want to make Malaysia our development hub as part of our expansion plans for digital payments.”


Razer’s Firsts of Many

For Min-Liang, Malaysia is the first country to be ready for Razer Pay. Hence, it is the natural springboard for its regional fintech efforts.

Beyond digital payments, Razer Malaysia is keen to follow through with Min-Liang’s commitment to esports here.

He previously promised to match the allocation of RM10 million that Malaysia Youth and Sports Ministry has set aside.

At the opening of the Razer Malaysia headquarters, Min-Liang has outlined his esports plans:

  • Coordinating with industry partners to drive gaming events in Malaysia
  • Bringing the gaming community together
  • Looking to support Team Malaysia for esports at SEA Games 2019

Beyond empowering the esports space, Min-Liang also revealed how he wants to do more for Malaysia. For him, it’s not just about developing medal-winning sportsmen and women.

“We also want to develop the ecosystem here. This includes discovering and honing talents that are keen to shout-cast, live-stream, and so on. If this all comes together and really sets things ablaze, then it will open the way for bigger things to come. Think mega-investments! For what it’s worth, we’re just getting started,” he added.

Text by: Victor Yap

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