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Nescafé and McCann Hong Kong launch “Mild Black” Coffee

Nescafé Ready to Drink (RTD) Coffee isn’t only a market leader, but a time-honored brand in Hong Kong, who this month, launched a new product in keeping with current wellness trends – Mild Black Coffee, a low calorie, sugar and milk free beverage.

McCann Hong Kong celebrated this launch with a campaign that uses a deeply local cultural reference, in order to demonstrate how embedded the brand is in the market and to connect with local consumers.

The team invited Kenneth Tsang (曾江), a veteran actor in Hong Kong, to star in the campaign.

He previously appeared in a well-known hair dye commercial, which was recently named by TimeOut as one of the top “television commercials every Hong Kong person will know”.

He therefore has a powerful association with the colour black in popular culture.

“We created campaign content with the iconic star, 曾江 Kenneth Tsang, who has a strong connection with ‘black’, to give the story an authentic twist”, commented Jaslin Goh, Managing Partner and Chief Strategy Officer, McCann Hong Kong.

“The campaign is both online and offline, spanning different media, including online video, Facebook and Instagram posts, online banners, MTR 4-sheet posters and bus wraps, all with a tongue-in-cheek approach to bring out our the key message – Mild Black is the new choice of Black coffee”, remarked Florence Kong, Managing Partner, McCann Hong Kong.

“We aim for Nescafé to be an integral part of Hong Kong culture and this “Mild Black” campaign captures a quintessentially Hong Kong feel”, said Chloe Kwok, Business Manager, Nescafé RTD, HK.

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