Marketing Election Watch #1


MARKETING Magazine is on watch for developments that may or may not involve the industry, whether it’s how much adspend is committed by political parties, how they intend to cope with the short duration before nomination day as well as in the run-up period to election day and any and everything else.

Oh what will they do? Will they opt for faster creation and delivery outreach, a higher  social media frequency across the more popular platforms or resort to as many platforms as they can afford?

We shall watch in the coming days and see what transpires and how.

Already there is an example of a strikingly familiar image in what can only be construed as a Pakatan Harapan ad as it says ‘Vote for Harapan’ in it’s bottom left corner while in the bottom right corner is a masterpiece of coincidence.

MARKETING Magazine’s founder Professor Harmandar Singh, who is also behind the Rasuah Busters initiative, was first to notice the ‘coincidence’ which has a voting ink tipped forefinger next to the words Tolak Rasuah, which is part of the Harapan manifesto this election.


The clenched fist and the upraised finger is a reversal of the one used on the Rasuah Busters campaign while the copy in relation to that image says ‘Tolak Rasuah’ against ‘Satu Jari Bebas Rasuah using the same Geomanist font. Plus, a very similar ‘shine’ although positioned differently.

Perhaps both were created by the same genius – or hack – and we’re watching.

Incidentally some industry insiders have commented that for those quick on their feet, and in their minds as well, and good budgets of course, digital out of home (DOOH) advertising could be one way. Given the very tight time frame available, the shorter set up time and greater flexibility – for those with the imagination to see it – it may well be the optimal platform in the fast growing election fever and the accompanying hype.

AND we’re watching!

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