Malay Mail launches Chinese news portal

Malay Mail launches Cincai News

Just three weeks after announcing it was going 100% digital with Dec 1, 2018 being the last date of publication, Malay Mail today announced the launch of its latest news portal – Cincai News.

Cincai News ​​ is a Chinese-language news portal that will give coverage to everything from politics to lifestyle stories as well as food, which is a big part of the community.

Previously hosted on ​​ as a Chinese sub-section called MMOC, the time is now right for ​Cincai News to be a standalone news portal due to its rapid growth in traffic and its gaining popularity among Malaysian Chinese audiences.

Cincai News ​​ features better user interface, user experience, and easier accessibility along with a whole new domain at ​​.

“The Chinese market is an important part of Malay Mail’s expansion in its digital strategy. As a responsible news organisation, it is important for us to address our readers in different languages.

“Earlier this year, we launched our Malay-language portal which is also getting traction with our Malay-reading audiences,” said Malay Mail editor-in-chief Datuk Wong Sai Wan.

Cincai News editor Pern Kuan Keong explained that the catchy name of the website had a double meaning.

“​Cincai News ​​ when written in Chinese means casual. Of course, colloquially Cincai is also homophonic to ‘wonderful’ in Chinese.”

“We aim to give readers clear, sensible and reliable information from various trustworthy sources.”

The launch of ​Cincai News marks the latest initiative under Malay Mail’s digital media strategy that has hit several milestones this year.

In April, the company announced its revamped portal,​, and last month, the company announced its plans to go fully digital in its product offerings.

More digital efforts from Malay Mail will be announced in the next few weeks.
The ​Cincai News portal is at ​​.

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