Mad Labs sues Nestle Products S/B over unlawful use of QR code

Nestle Products Sdn Bhd (NPSB) faces charges that go to a tune of RM139.34 million; this comes from Mad Labs Sdn Bhd. The allegation that NPSB is unlawfully using the agency’s QR code; specifically on Nestle products and packaging.

According the The Edge, the writ of summons and statement of claim is done up in early March 2019. The case seeks a declaration that NPSB is in the wrong for using the QR code without permission. It also wants NPSB to officially declare itself as liable for the losses and damages Mad Labs is still experiencing. This includes seeking general, exemplary, and aggravated damages.

Lastly, and more important, the agency is seeking an injunction to remove the QR code from all Nestle products.

Nestle Malaysia believes it should not be the case as what Mad Labs claims is unjustifiable. Its solicitors, going by preliminary views, believe the case has no merit.

Late last year, there has been a case where QR codes from another Nestle brand, Maggi, being tampered. Customers who scan them will be go to websites that feature offensive content.

As for this issue with Mad Labs, Nestle Malaysia is confident that NPSB has strong grounds to defend the case.

Text by: Victor Yap 

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