London’s first robotic bartender enters the ‘Barbican’

Robot bartenders are on the way.

When it comes to the world of advertising, we are constantly being inundated with technology and data driven insights in this age of hyper personalized communication.

For those who head to their preferred watering holes to seek some solace from all of this, they will soon be greeted with even more technology when they order their favorite tipple.

In what could be a sneak peek into the future, the ‘Barbican’ in London will play host to the first ever robotic bartender as part of an exhibition on Artificial Intelligence during the months of May and August this year.

Toni, the robotic bartender, will be offering a variety of classic cocktails and mocktails. It is apparently the most advanced drink mixing robot in the market today.

It is made by ‘Makr Shakr’, the world’s leading producer of automated cocktail makers, and is modelled on the gestures of Italian dancer and choreographer, Marco Pelle, from the New York Theatre Ballet.

The robot was launched in April 2019, and it has two mechanical arms which can precisely prepare and serve any drink in seconds.

It can shake, stir and muddle with coordinated, dance-like movements. Apparently it can manage more than 150 bottles of different spirits, and serve up to 80 cocktails an hour.

The “AI:More Than Human” exhibition will present the latest creative and scientific developments in AI and explore the relationship between humans and technology.

It will be happening across Central London with immersive art installation, interactive exhibits and digital projects to examine the subject from multiple global perspectives.

Users can download Makr Shakr’s mobile app to either select premade recipes developed by international bartenders or create and name customised cocktails of their own.

“AI has very quickly shifted from a technology that existed in the far future to something that has become an integral part of our daily lives,” said Neil McConnon, head of Barbican International Enterprises.

“We hope the exhibition will inspire and encourage debate and discussion around these new innovations in science and give a fresh perspective on the world in which we live…and now the conversations can continue beyond the exhibition… over drinks, served by a robot.”

So, the days of bartenders and mixologists could be a thing of the past soon. But then again, you can’t teach a robot bartender to participate in friendly banter, or can you?

Source: Creative Pool

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